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my great adventures

Its a blog about me coming from Ireland, living in Romania and everything it has to offer, the sights, the people etc. topics can be anything from politics to the local supermarket, Im from Ireland and moved here a few months back with my fiance, i write about what I have seen or done here, with a few things about back home also.

Relocation Bucharest

I started this blog in order to provide fellow expats with interesting information about my adoptive country, Romania, and its capital city, Bucharest. I write about the lovely sights of the country, interesting places and landmarks to visit, but i also write about the papers needed when moving to a new country and the available houses that could appeal to other expats.

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What started out as a blog about moving to Romania from South Africa - my wife is Romanian - has quickly morphed into a life-blog of a would-be immigrant evaluating his choices.

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Steve Richardson-Douglas's personal Blogs on life with Volunteer Romania and Holiday Romania

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It Doesn't Matter Where

An account of our family's missionary adventures here in Romania.

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Expat in Romania

Born in Romania, raised in Canada. Learned to love languages, books, gadgets, and cultural differences. I now live in "Romania's Silicon Valley", Cluj-Napoca, and enjoy documenting my experiences as I work and get (re)adjusted to life in Romania.

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Noua Romanie

Brève excursion à Tirgu Mures...

Romanian Food For Expats

A blog by an expat in Romania who is learning to cook Romanian food. Lots of recipes, mostly authentic, sometimes adjusted for the expat tastebuds!

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EUROVIV: Bucharest

The adventures of an American in Bucharest.

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Kieffers in Romania

Logging our journey from Arizona, USA, to Sibiu, Romania. Following God's call to do missionary work!

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PhotoBlog of a Romanian-Canadian living in Bucharest. Bucharest seen through the eyes of an expat who speaks Romanian.

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Raoul Pop

Internet TV, photography, travel, reviews and more...

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Rants, Raves, & Faves

The rambles of an American woman who married a Romanian man, gathered up their 3 kids and moved to Romania. Covers everything from life in RO, to the joys and pains of raising kids, regardless of location!

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Romania and Beyond

Photographs from Romania and elsewhere.

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Bucharest Expat

A unique, direct from my mind thought and commentary on Bucharest. I have my thoughts... so where are yours? Let's create the most down to earth and in your face blog that tells all about Bucharest! The truthful travel guide from someone who lives here. Live. Learn. Also offering Free Classifieds and a weekly Newsletter

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Brasov Life

Describing the joys, frustration and pains of a Brit married to a Romanian girl but living in Brasov Romania. Detailing how he is getting on in this new culture.. getting a job, learning Romanian and all the other daily chores

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Real-life Romania

true adventures of a young British expat looking to settle into this Romanian town, off the tourist trail. Insights into language, culture and intergration from the only Franco-British couple in Buzau

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Barbusca Bucharest Blog

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Expat of the month:Expat life in the UK between the Brexit and the pandemic

Expat life in the UK between the Brexit and the pandemic

Angelica is originally from Verbania, Italy. It's been nearly ten years since she moved to the UK, hungry for independence and new experiences. She has also spent a year in Germany for her studies before going back to the UK and is currently in the process of obtaining British citizenship. She talks to us about living in London as an expat between Brexit and the Covid pandemic.