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To The Days Like This

London living blog about a twenty-something Aussie girl riding the expat roller coaster.

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Second Floor Flat

An American expat living in London and working in fashion. Expect fashion, lifestyle, photography, daily outfit updates, Good Reads, Bowtie the bear, and other anxieties.

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Not from UK!

I'm Olivia, a Polish, big city girl who is willing to take the risk and work and prepare towards a move far away from home. I have decided to create a little, comfortable home and a future, step by step in the UK with and for him (and myself). This is a blog with a lot of sharing random thoughts, doubts, experiences from my UK visits and any funny thing I find valuable to write about :) Twitter: @Olivia_Olivka

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A French guy in London

A French guy in London is a personal and travel blog focused on my experiences living in London and traveling. I also regularly share my opinions on news topics and random things I come across. Pretty large range of topics all around. Come visit!

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Lorrie Actually

I'm currently an expat, explanner, and explorer living in the UK. Hope you enjoy reading as I set out to find what I actually love about London and the experience of living abroad...

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Not Only Rainy Days

The day to day life of a couple living in London since 2011.

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Girl Gone London

The adventures of a 20-something year old American girl trying to navigate post-grad life in the UK. The blog contains tips and reviews to help expats and study abroad students in the UK, as well as stories and experiences of what it means to be an American girl abroad.

Urban Pixxels

Blog about my new London life and the things I like to spend my time (& money) on: photography, food, travel, design & gadgets. Follow me on my quest to become a true Londoner.

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Capturing Cara

Adventures of a Canadian girl traveling, teaching and experiencing British life.

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Canadian expat who moved to the UK. Recording her journey while trying to maintain SWEET SERENITY.

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Earth to Jade

I am a London based expat originally from the sunny shores of Sydney, Australia. I write about my experiences of expat life in London, my travel adventures around the world and my love of photography.

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Sunny in London

A Florida girl's guide to finding SUN and FUN in LONDON for visitors, expats and Londoners. Features restaurant reviews, afternoon teas, pub crawls, travel, NFL in London, blogging and expat advice! Watch me on Periscope for live updates! @sunny_in_london

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Chewy Travels

Hey, I'm Chewy. I'm a graduate student living in London at the moment, trying to live on a graduate student budget! I started this blog as a way to document my travels, thoughts about life, and delicious food. Mmmm, delicious food! But more importantly, I want to learn about other cultures and to think more about what my tiny role is on this earth in the short amount of time I have. I grew up in New York City, and consider myself Chinese American. I've had the opportunity to learn the Shanghai dialect growing up, and Mandarin Chinese in school. I've spent some time learning Japanese and Spanish as well, and hope to level up in those languages. Check my Travel Plans page for more details!

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Across The Ponderings

I left the hustle and bustle of NYC to live in Oxford, England for the year with my (new!) husband--we're traveling a lot and treating this experience like an extended honeymoon. Join the adventure!

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A Compass Rose

My blog with my writing and photos about life as a working mum, married to an american living in Europe, and a Third Culture Kid. Blog about life, fashion, food, raising kids, photography, and living as expats.

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Things To Do In London

I share the best of my hometown London. Plus my personal travel diary.

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Dimshum- a Hong Kong and London Food Blog

A Hong Kong and London Food Blog of my eating adventures in both cities (alongside with a few other places)!

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Bristol In My Pocket

A Texas girl living in England.

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City Freude Blog


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Kitty In the City

The blog Kitty In The City is founded by two female expats who currently live in London. Far away from their friends and family; day-in day-out they work in a high-pacing environment to build an international career. They try to survive without the local pub where everybody knew their names and swapped the good old-grand-ma bike for an Oyster-card. Kitty In the City is the go-to for burning questions such as 'What to do when getting Lost in Translation', 'How to survive a Hangover at work' or 'How to date International Cultures'.

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The European Dream: Chelsea in London!

Chelsea has been living in London for just over a year now but she has been dreaming about this life since she was a little girl. Europe has always been Chelsea's place to be. Our American girl documents her life abroad on her blog The Portable Wife.