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Planes, Boats and Bicycles

We are part-time cruisers on a sailing catamaran, currently in Puerto Rico.

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Highs & Lows of Expat life

Description of out time in Puerto Rico


Fun and Interesting things to do Travel, Life skills, Activities, Dining, and anything that strikes my fancy. Residents of Puerto Rico as of January 2016, so many new posts on moving to PR and PR focused activities.

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At Home in Puerto RIco

Notes and pictures from one Texas family's transition to life on the northwest coast of Puerto Rico

The Accidental Boricua

My musings about living in PR for almost 30 years and accidentally, becoming a Boricua. I originally started the blog as a class assignment, but now I'm thinking of keeping it going.

My photography blog

General thoughts and observations about nature and travel photography.

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This is our family blog about the steps we took to move here, Puerto Rico day trips and what life is like living in Puerto Rico.

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Relocating our families north and south. Two stay at home moms move from Wisconsin to Puerto Rico and Montreal

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Casa Anolis, Our Puerto Rico adventure

I started this blog for family and friends in November, 2013, to document the purchase and renovation of our Monte Sol condo and and our eventual move to Puerto Rico

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Oasis Writing Link

Experiencing life in Puerto Rico and cultivating a creative self-directed life.

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Life TransPlanet

Our blog chronicles the steps and adventures in buying property in Rincon, Puerto Rico, fixing it up, and finally moving and transitioning from Colorado to Puerto Rico.

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Why I Love Puerto Rico

This article gives some of the reasons I love Puerto Rico. Lots of Photos.

La Vida de Perro

Richard Eyer Smith's Excellent Adventures in Paradise

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Aspiring linguist. Hispanophile. Foodie. Avid reader. Music lover. Traveler. Wannabe salsera. Gringuita con corazón boricua living in Puerto Rico.

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la acera

Circle of bloggers in Puerto Rico blogging about news, events, life, politics, etc.

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PCH to 413

Making the move from California to Rincon, Puerto Rico

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Living in Puerto Rico

Day to day life in Puerto Rico for two transplants from Washington State. Things are different here...follow the blog and find out how?

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Observations from the Island of Enchantment

My personal views, thoughts and opinions on the cultural, current events in the island of Puerto Rico and beyond.

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Retirement merry-go-round

"Living the world" early retirement blog - now practically abandoned as it was mainly about my time in Puerto Rico.

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The European Dream: Chelsea in London!

Chelsea has been living in London for just over a year now but she has been dreaming about this life since she was a little girl. Europe has always been Chelsea's place to be. Our American girl documents her life abroad on her blog The Portable Wife.

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