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Tucan Dream

Location independent lifestyle, living your best life without retiring, financial advice from an unordinary CPA exloring a sustainable life in Costa Rica.

Fincas in Costa Rica

Gossip, pictures, news, offers, stories about owning a finca in Costa Rica. Practical advice on how to leave your current life behind and open a new chapter in Costa Rica.

Under The Latin Sun

Travel-loving expat living in Costa Rica. Dedicating my blog to expat life, Latin-American culture and must-see beautiful places!

Moving To Costa Rica

A blog about moving to Costa Rica which includes moving to, living in, and other aspects of living as an expat or immigrant in Costa Rica.

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Costa Rican Sojourn

Life in Rural Costa Rica through the eyes of a slightly eccentric Englishwoman

Keeping You In Stitches - Life in Costa Rica

Boomer woman moved to Costa Rica in 2011 with her husband and four dogs.

Boston's Tico Revelation

A guy from California and a gal from Montana who met in the confluence of two valleys and two rivers in Colorado - both after hitting the reset button once before. After ten years, three dogs, and a beautiful daughter - this family of three with two dogs is hitting the reset once again; selling everything (including the house) to travel a path that will reinvent who we are.

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Day Well Lived

Earlier this year when my husband and I decided to make the big move from Chicago, IL to Costa Rica, I knew I wanted to share our experience with others. Whether someone is interested in making a similar move and can learn something from our experiences, or I can provide some inspiration to others who are looking for a path to truly make the most of each day; I look forward to sharing and providing valuable insight as well as a few good laughs.

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She Calls Me Papi

Costa Rican Paradise! Up-to-date information on travel, relocation, business, culture, news, real estate, investment, activities, attractions, destinations, weather, tourism, passport, visa and living in Costa Rica.

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Lo Que Hay - It Is What It Is . . . It's a Whole 'Nuther Country

The curious true tale of how we sold everything to buy/build a $135,000 new home in Samara, Costa Rica, living a semi-luxury life on a budget of less than $2000 per month..

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Costa Rica Bargain Hunter

I've been blogging since 2013 about living well on a budget in Costa Rica. Each article highlights a place, event, activity, something to purchase, mode of travel, place to shop, place to dine etc. All designed to help you live well on a budget.

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Phphotoandtravel Blog

We are the tag team, dream team, the husband and wife team of please visit our website for images that might brighten your day.

Family Freedom Project

A conversation about lifestyle design for families; removing the constraints of location & time means living how and where we want - in Costa Rica, in Canada or wherever else we choose - and check out my recently published step-by-step guide

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Two Weeks in Costa Rica

A travel and moving blog from two Boston expats living in Costa Rica. We provide travel information and share our experience living in paradise.

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Katie's Trails

Katie & Sam are professional expats. We've gone from South Korea to Turkey and now we're off to Costa Rica! Follow our stories as we blaze a trail around the world.

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Live in Costa Rica Blog

Expert time-tested advise on how to live, retire and invest in Costa Rica. Readers will get a brief sample of what my guests see and do on the tours for retirement and relocation in Costa Rica.

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Costa Rica Curious

Fed up at 41 - Greg Seymour and his wife left successful careers, sold everything except 9 suitcases worth of stuff, and retired to Costa Rica. Greg blogs about his experiences with early retirement and his new home of Grecia, Costa Rica.

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Carole Jean's Capers

Life as an expat, adventures of traveling to Costa Rica since 1989, living full time since 2012. In addition, adventures from my colorful life as an international flight attendant in the 70s, real estate agent, and single parent of two super-star kids.

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Gringos in Paradise: Paul & Marilyn's Retirement Adventure

Retired teachers/writers settle on a hilltop above the town of Grecia and look forward to learning Spanish, meeting Ticos and Gringos and seeing where the muse takes them.

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Expat of the month:From England to Salvador in the name of love

From England to Salvador in the name of love

Originally from England, Kim had never heard of El Salvador before moving there. It is her love, met online, that led her miles away from her country. Today, they have three children and a cosy family life in Latin America. Kim talks to about her adventure.