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all things HCMC

Food & drink, places to see and be, snapshots, Saigon sounds, articles, and other stranger stories.

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The All of Saigon

Im an ex-pat living and working in Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam. This is not a blog about my hopes and aspirations; this is not a dream journal. You wont find recommendations for restaurants, attractions, bars or accommodation; this is not a travel blog. I live very ordinary life in an astonishing city. Every day I encounter something or someone that stops me in my tracks and I feel compelled to write about it, and try to understand it. This is the very definition of an impossible task; to capture the strange, the beautiful and the unique facets of Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Sai Gon). Everything that I write is entirely my own opinion, which might be misinformed, misguided or just plain wrong, but is my particular take on my adoptive city. In my hubris Im going to try to explain the baffling and define the unfathomable.


40 Years ago I started my adventure out of Vietnam ...

Senses of Vietnam

This blog of mine is about my travel and food in Vietnam. My business have taken me around the whole of Vietnam and I try to put in the pictures and things I like to do. Please check out one of my trip to an Orphanage in Dong Ngai near HCM city. Take care.

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Reasons to go North

Travel and life in Vietnam as an English Teacher. My travels and hikes around the world and in Cumbria, UK.

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Capture Vietnam

My blog covers my experiences in Vietnam as well as Australia and also has a number of photography articles.

Swanson Family Travels

A blog about our family's adventures as expats in SE Asia.

Flying the Nest

This was supposed to have been a blog about how I'm growing and changing as a person while traveling and teaching abroad for a year, but it's basically pictures of food that I've eaten paired with long-winded descriptions. I like to do a lot of budgeting and accounting on my blog, so people who are interested in or are already living in HCMC can see how much things are costing for me and compare that to what they've heard or their own experiences.

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Troy Nguyen

Australian Vietnamese in Saigon

Latest posts is an Exapt blog focusing on the Expat Life of Kevin Miller, Jr., who has resided in Saigon (HCMC), Vietnam, since May, 2004. SaigonNezumi is one of the most popular Expat blogs for Vietnam and one of the top sources for halal restaurants with arriving Muslim travelers.

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Hello Saigon

What's in, what's hot, what's not in Saigon

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Saigon: Why Am I Here?

Canadian author and illustrator Elka Ray has spent 16 years based in Southeast Asia. Her blog recounts the ups and downs of life in Asia, where there's never a dull moment.

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Rants. Gags. Experience. Travel. Work. Eat.

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The missing ingredient

A blog about food from Vietnam and Southeast Asia

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Allen and Janice

Two Americans travel to Vietnam fall in love with the Saigon and open a business.

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Originally from Catalonia (Spain) but currently living and working in Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam), I’ve fallen irrevocably in love with photography. Mad2Live consist on a mix of my passion for photography, of the stories on them, and of course for my passion for life.

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International level sports and common life

I moved to Vietnam just to train with one certain coach to achieve my goal, to become a world champion in ITF Taekwon-do. Now I have started to like Vietnam so much that I'm looking forward to stay here forever. I'm pretty new to this country and I keep finding many interesting things that does not exist in my home country Finland. Blog is mostly about competing in sport but also includes common goofing around. Text is always first written in Finnish and after that translated to English.

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Expat of the month:The "hakuna matata" life of an expat entrepreneur in Tanzania

The "hakuna matata" life of an expat entrepreneur in Tanzania

Virginie, a French expat, has an uncommon story. In 2020, she decided to follow her heart to Tanzania, which opened the doors for her to a world of opportunities. Having a rich career in many fields, Virginie is now happy to run her own business and enjoys the "hakuna matata" lifestyle.

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