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I am an artsy/crafty New Yorker living in Singapore. My blog covers literature, art, independent design, creative people, pretty things, and regional travel.

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Expat Adventures in Singapore

A blog about my experiences of moving from the UK to Singapore.

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Our way to Singapore

You would like to emigrate from Germany to Singapore? Have a look on this expat blog and share our experiences and feelings with that project. We will leave Germany in January 2011.

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SugarLight Photography

I´m a Swedish woman who´s been living in Singapore for 4 years, and I just recently started my own photography business. Look at all the photo sessions I have and get the story behind them! Welcome.

Zoro goes East

Glimpses from our daily life in Singapore as a mother of 3 having just moved from Switzerland.

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Sling'n it!

To be a collection of my thoughts and experiences as an expat in Singapore. That's the plan anyway... let's see how its goes!

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Mangia bene, vive bene

I love cooking and eating well. I like to think about where my ingredients come from and what they are doing to my body. Over the last year I have lost about 10 kilos and following a lower carb, low GI diet has become a way of life for me and my family. I have recently moved to Singapore, so I have been adapting my ingredients for local, sustainable choices where possible.

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award-winning food blog written by Austrian expats who's lived in Mexico, France, UK and now Singapore. now exploring all things Asian - cuisine, travel, culturs... so much to learn and discover! Great archive of easy-to-do recipes inspired by travels all around the world.

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Aussie mum baking up a storm in Singapore. Homemade cakes, made to order, specialising in children's Birthday cakes, Trans Fat and preservative free.

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Around My Table

create dream plan entertain

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Expat Bostonians

The adventures of the Expat Bostonian Family (Ravi, Crystal, Elanor and Rhiannon) in Singapore and on our travels.

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Small Talk About Big Love

In today's society nothing has been more needed than to awake the love in people again; both for ourselves, each other and the planet. Small Talk About Big Love is a blog where I discuss my thoughts and feelings around love. It is not just the love to a partner; it is love to everything in life, and life itself. What is love? What does it feel like? Who can love? Where does love come from? How can we be more loveable and attract love into our lives? That and loads of other things will be discussed. This blog is here to inspire and support YOU on your own journey. Please join in by sharing your thoughts with me and my readers!

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a lil blog to keep me busy ... and also a simple way to share my thoughts or whatever that goes in mind ... share experiences and maybe my personal life too :)

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Japanese teacher writes about tips of learning Japanese and cultural aspects. There are many photos and audios and it's very entertaining.

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Andy B In Asia

The blog, random thoughts, commentaries and observations of a London guy uprooting, starting over and moving to live in Singapore.

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Mini Liew

A blog from a geeky father.. who loves gadgets, and loves to raise kids...

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Soon to be expats

Blogging about the lead up to our departure to Singapore. To be continued in Singapore itself.

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Back From the World

I started this blog in 2006 as a record for our daughter, adopted from Ethiopia. We have lived in Boston, Berkeley, and Bangalore. Who knows what is next?

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{ reflections on my travels and everything else I love }

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Expat of the month:The "hakuna matata" life of an expat entrepreneur in Tanzania

The "hakuna matata" life of an expat entrepreneur in Tanzania

Virginie, a French expat, has an uncommon story. In 2020, she decided to follow her heart to Tanzania, which opened the doors for her to a world of opportunities. Having a rich career in many fields, Virginie is now happy to run her own business and enjoys the "hakuna matata" lifestyle.