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Lady RaRa Jakarta

I am a 23 year old Scot discovering the highs and lows of life in Jakarta, Indonesia. My blog is filled with amusing articles about the weird and wonderful things I encounter here, alongside some advice for any newcomers who might feel as lost as I did when I first arrived.

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In this blog I write about all my holidays which I've made in 2011....

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From Sumatran Roast to Cups of Jave

Exploring Jakarta one decrepit bus line at a time and learning about democracy building and human rights issues in the process.

Grinch On Tour

Slouched into Indonesia in early 1999 intent on committing journalism. Fell in love with the country and a special someone. The Stockholm Syndrome has truly set in and I'm a willing, complicit hostage to this great country, with a wife and grinchlet twins (2010). While life is grand, I've not surrendered the critical faculties and prejudices honed to a fine point by firelight through many a long Canadian winter. For all the stunning advances since Suharto left, the paradoxes of modern Indonesia and its colorful collection of evil scumbags, willful incompetents, and fruitcakes offers fertile soil for commentary and hopefully, humor.

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Jakarta News

My life and views from my time in Jakarta. What I observe and how I feel about living so far from home and those I miss. Now sharing my life with my wife and son so things will be seen in completely new ways by me and my son as he grows and learns to understand life

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Duck Talk

Random musings about life in Jakarta as an expat wife and mom.

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Bali Living

A must read blog about life in the heart of aussie town (Kuta). How to get the best out of any trip to bali, staying safe and out of trouble, where to go and when to get there.

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I Don't Wash My Hair

confessions of a rogue traveler settling in sumatra

Bali Hotel Bali Travel Reviews

Information and insights to Bali for tourists and travellers to Bali with free unbiased hotel reviews.

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The Wealth Manager

My Blog provides information for expats on the various financial issues they may face. Topics include saving for your child's University Education as well as info on Retirement Planning, Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Tax and Estate Planning.

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News and rambles from Nusa Lembongan

The purpose of this blog is to publish just about anything about the island of Nusa Lembongan in Bali, Indonesia. It could be news, reviews, travel tips, travel guide information, write-ups of experiences from the world class diving and surfing sites on this tropical island paradise

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The exchange of one's own perspective for that of the "other". But only sometimes!

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we like is a digital visual collection of everything we like about Bali life hang outs, people, tatts and so much more we take the inside out

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Things to do in Indonesia for Kids

Places and activities for kids in Indonesia

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Bali Expat Blog

I just moved to Bali and started a blog on living in Bali. I plan to cover topics such as travel, culture, food and business in Bali.

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Blog of the month:The European Dream: Chelsea in London!

The European Dream: Chelsea in London!

Chelsea has been living in London for just over a year now but she has been dreaming about this life since she was a little girl. Europe has always been Chelsea's place to be. Our American girl documents her life abroad on her blog The Portable Wife.

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