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Ryan McFarland's blog

My photography and musings about travel, life abroad, beer, bacon, and just about anything else I feel about documenting.

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Sipping Chai in Chennai

An American Woman's Odyssey Working in High Tech India (and living in rural India on the weekends!)

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Made in Madras

American lady living and almost teaching in India. Working on my Masters and trying to make it in wild India.

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Hello Talalay

A blog about a couple in Chennai for two years with the US Foreign Service.

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Chennai Images

These are some of the pictures I captured while I driving through Chennai City. These pictures are not copyrighted and anyone is free to download and use them.

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The Robertsons of Mumbai

Kevin and Jennifer, newly married, have set out to the subcontinent to seek their fortunes, experience cultural diversity, regain control of their health and their bellies, and finish one (1) PhD thesis. This blog is Jennifer's attempt to record some of the happenings from their adventurous new life in India.

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Sejal Sez

I am a first time expat living in Chennai trying to cope with the differences and the culture shock!

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Expat in Chennai

This blog is about living in Chennai (India) as an expat.

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Chennai Expat - City Guide For Longstayers

The Ultimate Blog for Expatriates Going to Chennai, India. Tips, Tricks, Recommandations and Stories about life in Chennai and adapting to India.

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January's expat blog: How to traveller

How to traveller is about the life of David, an Irish expat blogger who moved to Spain looking for new pastures. A job opportunity drove him from Malta to Costa del Sol after spending some time in Czechia and Malaysia. To those who are looking to travel or move to Spain, he speaks about his experiences and gives out some tips.