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Kevin & Xuemei

Follow our adventures, as we move among the U.S., Germany, and our home base Beijing China in the next few years!

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Ruby Ronin

Donning red, traveling Asia, and discovering the world. I am in love with Japan, fascinated with China, and excited to explore even more of the greatest continent on Earth: Asia. The Ruby Ronin's adventures include the ups and downs of language learning, the headaches of dating in Asia, and the overall adventures of living abroad and traveling.

China Hidden Crafts

This blogs aims to help you discover the millenary Chinese culture through its unknown arts and crafts industries. I will show you a different image of China, uncovering its rich cultural and historical heritage and traditional knowledge. Also, since I`m based in Shanghai, I decided to share with you what it`s like to live here as expat (which is without any doubts a craft requiring certain skills itself). Imagine this blog as an open window on China, and feel free to look out of it whenever you want!

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Cup of Zhou

Explore the back alleys, street shops, tourist traps, local hangouts and must sees in Suzhou. Learn how to survive in places far away from home. Dish up some quality Western eats using locally available products.

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Healthy globetrotting

My ramblings about teaching in china, travelling around Asia and staying healthy with crohn's.

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SoCal to Shanghai

We're a Southern California couple living and working in Shanghai. We love to eat and travel, so you'll see lots of food and travel posts here. I started this blog as a way to share our daily lives with our family back in the US. I also hope that my blog posts are helpful to other expats living in Shanghai or those considering a move here.

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Expat Antipodean

The 'antipodes' of any place on the Earth is the place that is diametrically opposite it. Kiwis and Aussies are referred to as 'Antipodeans', as their part of the world is the antipodes of Western Europe. The following musings are those of an expat antipodean.

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With my Jewish nose, Bulgarian skin and English accent, I at once belong to British, East German, Bulgarian, Jewish, French and Chinese cultures and yet to none of them at all; shifting between cultural identities, I am drifting across the globe in the hope of stumbling upon enlightenment- or at very least, a nice fat piece of double chocolate cake. The world is my oyster, my oyster through a lens?

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My China Kitchen

As a Registered Dietitian from Texas just recently moved to China, the aim of this blog is to be a resource for the expat community by providing recipes, nutrition information and practical everyday tips to help navigate Chinese grocery stores, and restaurants, making simple, everyday food a reality.

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Chasing the American Dream offshore

A travel journal and description of life in TEDA, China and the adventures that go with it.

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A mix of entreprneurs and adventures during this journey A la rencontre des entrepreneurs en Chine au travers de mes aventures

Turners Abroad

Two teachers in China sharing their experiences of living, working and travelling.

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A writer living and teaching in Suzhou, China.

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Seattle To Shanghai

Adventures experienced after move from Seattle to Shanghai by a Professional Working Woman.

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Shanghaier Education

PhD student in shanghai

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Shanghai Lens

Photographs of life as I see it in Shanghai specifically and China more generally.

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Eye on Shanghai

Stories about my life in Shanghai

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The Here and the Now


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Expat of the month:Expat life in the UK between the Brexit and the pandemic

Expat life in the UK between the Brexit and the pandemic

Angelica is originally from Verbania, Italy. It's been nearly ten years since she moved to the UK, hungry for independence and new experiences. She has also spent a year in Germany for her studies before going back to the UK and is currently in the process of obtaining British citizenship. She talks to us about living in London as an expat between Brexit and the Covid pandemic.