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Land of Silk and Honey

My blog is about expat family life in the city of Suzhou, China, it also covers some of our family travel adventures, recipes and more.

Advantages of space structural toll station

The toll station space frame uses a small amount of steel, and the parts are factory prefabricated parts, which are easy to install and the construction time is short. It is very suitable for toll station projects with tight construction period and short-term operation. The toll station space frame is divided into bolted ball joints and welded ball joints from the structural form. The welded ball joint toll station has a large amount of field welding, which can be used for new projects. In addition, the welding ball joint toll space frame must be installed in general Therefore, the toll station with this structure requires a larger installation site and crane placement. The advantages of the toll station space frame: 1. Due to the interaction between the members of the space frame structure, it has good integrity, large spatial rigidity and very stable structure; 2. The space frame structure transfers the load by the axial force of the rods, and the material strength It is fully utilized, which not only saves steel, but also reduces its own weight; 3. Good seismic performance. Due to the light weight of the space frame structure, the seismic force generated during an earthquake is small. At the same time, the steel has good extensibility and can absorb a large amount of seismic energy. The space frame has large spatial rigidity, and the structure is stable and will not collapse, so it has excellent seismic performance; 4 、The height of the space frame structure is small, which can effectively use the space; 5. The construction speed is fast. The components of the space frame structure are largely the same in size and shape, and can be mass-produced in the factory, with good quality and high efficiency, and at the same time they do not compete with civil engineering. Therefore, the on-site workload is small and the construction period is shortened; 6. The space frame structure is lightweight. It can cover planes of various shapes, and can be designed into various body shapes with beautiful and generous appearance. 7. There are many types of space frame structures: (1) A space frame structure composed of a plane truss system. Mainly include: two-way orthogonal orthographic space frame, two-directional oblique cross diagonal space frame, two-way orthogonal diagonal space frame, three-way space frame, etc. (2) A space frame structure composed of quadrangular pyramids. Mainly include: the square pyramid space frame is placed, the square pyramid space frame is placed diagonally, the square pyramid space frame is emptied, and the checkerboard quadrangular pyramid space frame. (3) space frame structure composed of triangular pyramids. Mainly include: triangular pyramid space frame, evacuated triangular pyramid space frame, honeycomb triangular pyramid space frame, etc.

Pick a peony

Hello ! I'm Anais, from the south of France. I left my native country at the age of 21 to settle in China with my Chinese husband. We now live in the fantastic megacity of Chongqing also called "the mountain city", located in the southwest of China. This blog is like my personal diary, I like to relate my discoveries about Chinese culture, traditions, food. Tell you more about how is the life in China & the student life and try as much as possible to help anybody who would like to go to China. Besides, I love to travel not only in the region of Chongqing but all around China, and I like to keep records of my journeys in this blog.

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Rachel Meets China

Rachel is an American expat who has lived in China for three years and is currently based in Beijing. She writes about her experiences teaching, traveling, and living in China.


Here, during my sunset years, I release my knowledge to the world so that others might benefit from it. As such, this is an opinion driven blog, nothing more and nothing less.

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Our Traveling Zoo

We are a husband (Shon) and wife (Jenia) writing about the excitement of working, living, and traveling with family, both abroad and at home in the United States. We've been teaching overseas more or less since 2012, when we started with ADEC in the UAE, and we've lived and worked in Russia, spent a year back in the USA, and are now in south China. While living abroad we have welcomed two lovely little monsters into this wondrous world, and we've gone from having tidy, fast-paced adventures to having the kind of slow, sloppy ones that a family experiences together.

I married a China Man!!!

Well, this blogging started when I decide to marry Philip a Shanghainese last December in Bali 2017 and decided I have to start blogging as this is a whole new chapter of me and my life in some place new!!!

I Heart China

Guide to traveling and living in China

The Bunch Abroad

I am a dedicated wife and mother of four learning to live and love through the many adventures that come our way. Our lives are rich with the blessings of God's love and I rely on Him for daily guidance through this crazy adventure called life. We are the Burin Bunch and I hope you will enjoy joining me on our journey.

Traveller's Yarn

My blog originally chronicled my travels around the world, now I blog about living and trying to become local in Shanghai. I also have a podcast where I've interviewed people from various countries about their lives and upbringings in their local culture.

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China Incidentals

Thinky articles and splashy photos about travel in China and life in the PRC generally.

Expat Photographer and Travel Blog

Expat Photographer and travel blog.  I'm a working photographer and blogger originally from the States, living in southern China.

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The Chinese Chronicles

Notes and thoughts on my time in China.

Around This World

Our adventures in Shanghai, the food we eat and the places we travel to.


Life in China with Italian flavor

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Life In China

The experiences and surprises of life in a small town living alone.

Qingdao Expat Survival Guide

Hi Qingdao travelers and new expats! I've been living in Shandong Province for almost 4 years, and Qingdao for a year. I started this since there is so much about this great city that is relatively unknown. If you moving or traveling here, hopefully it can help you. Latest post: 36 tips for newbie Qingdao Expats. Happy travels!

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China Figure it Out

The past 15 months of my life have been spent in a land where the layer of history pile up on one another threatening to overcome it's future. The people who call this place home think, speak, and write using a different frequency from that of our world. I found myself wondering whether I really still was on earth as even the laws of physics didn't seem to apply the same there. As I struggled to understand the world that was embracing me, yet at the same time pushing me back I found friendship, love, passion, and pain. Now thrown back into the world I once unquestionably thought as home I am finding myself once again struggling to fit in to everything I used to call "normal". I've left a part of myself in China, woven into the fabric of the land and the newest pages of history. Let me take you on a journey back there, week by week through my life as a terrified, frustrated, intrigued, and fascinated foreigner by typing up the weeks recorded in my journals.

Kungfuprincess on the Road

A travel blog, mostly focused on full time Kungfu Training and Living/Travel in China. Hopes to help/inspire others when coming to China. Now and then some other travel stories^^

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Expat of the month:Expat life in the UK between the Brexit and the pandemic

Expat life in the UK between the Brexit and the pandemic

Angelica is originally from Verbania, Italy. It's been nearly ten years since she moved to the UK, hungry for independence and new experiences. She has also spent a year in Germany for her studies before going back to the UK and is currently in the process of obtaining British citizenship. She talks to us about living in London as an expat between Brexit and the Covid pandemic.