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Ian Kydd Miller :  My Picture Experience

For people interested in Photography and travelling.

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Dominic in Cambodia

A few tales and observations of volunteering at an English teaching NGO here in the Kingdom of Cambodia

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When in Roam

Just a few things I've noticed from my travels..

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Move to Cambodia blog

The Move to Cambodia blog is filled with up-to-date travel advice and useful information for expats living and working in Cambodia.

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Phnomming in the Penh

Food & Travel, Fashion & Beauty. Singaporean in Phnom Penh, writing about food wherever she goes, plus various insights to her life in Phnom Penh.

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The Prevailing Taste

Fashion, lifestyle, and taste; all in Cambodia.

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"The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do."

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Thinkingbum's Journey

Cambodia experience, points of view, inspirational stories, and research works

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uma flor brilhando a luz do sol

thoughts on life.

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Living in Cambodia- Work and Play

I'm 24 years old and I have been living in PP for 9 months now. I am working 2 jobs at the moment. One in a private school teaching English and one as the Development Officer for a small NGO called Save Children In Asia Organisation (SCAO) This blog is about my experiences, work and travelling here. Enjoy

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Yet Another Dance Addict

Dancing, travelling, diving

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Tammy & Chris on the move

We are a couple hailing from Germany and England, meaning between us we are efficient and polite, but unable to talk about football or 20th century history. In October 2011 we decided to stop pushing pens around the British civil service to work on human rights issues in Cambodia, and travel around Asia as much as we can.

Mischke Business

Equal parts magic and tragic. Expat in Cambodia.

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When Gabi and Skip packed up their home and bought a one-way ticket to Cambodia in 2010, they never imagined how the country would become so much a part of their lives...and how it would win their hearts.

Our Dear Lady Expatriate

All about living an adventurous, successful, and oh-so-lovely expat life in Phnom Penh! I'm a living-abroad kinda lady who likes sharing expat tips and other happy things :) I just reached my half year anniversary in Phnom Penh, and I love writing about teaching English, awesome concerts and events, and my own thoughts on this Charming City.

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Top of the Phnom

My thoughts on living in Phnom Penh, and other adventures in and around Cambodia.

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Holiday in Cambodia

Here's my blog and really hope you enjoy. I try to write new posts regularly about travelling or even day-to-day stuff. I really like to pay attention to details so there will always be the attempt to transport the reader for the moment I have seen so you can imagine and feel like I've felt.

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Jacob found happiness in Taiwan !

The blogger behind Taiwan Foreigner initially left the USA for a semester abroad. It has been over a year and he is not planning on going back soon. The young Jacob fell in love with life in Taiwan and shares his love for the country on his blog.

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