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Bewildered in Morocco

Handful of information about amazing and mesmerizing, yet full of contraditions, country of Morocco

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maroc-o-phile: your your blog for the inside track and tips on travel and expat life in Essaouira, Morocco maroc-o-phile, n. 1: a person who has a strong affinity to Morocco and all things Moroccan 2: a person of impeccable taste, whom we would love to meet and help love Morocco as much as we do 3: someone who has rubbed the lamp and seen where wishes take them

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Marrakech Riad Dar Zaman

We moved to Marrakech in 2007 to open a riad guest house in the Marrakech medina, riad Dar Zaman. This is the blog for our guest house.

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c o c o m o r o c c o

I 'm an architect decorator always been adoring the simple timeless 'chique' of Coco Chanel. And here I am, in magical colorful wonderland Morocco! Hard to combine those two you think? Well, check it out! I hope to inspire you to mix some color into your live.

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Were Hannah and Zouhair | A married interracial and cross-cultural couple | Hannah via America | Zouhair via Morocco | Both in our twenties | Soon to be parents | I-130 Visa journeyers

A Year in Marrakech

The story about 2 dudes settling down in the Marrakech medina. This blog acts as our travel journal and includes reflections on Morocco, Marrakech, travel, fashion, design and life. Our one year break in Morocco turned into a life based in Marrakech but we also spend time in our homes in Italy and Sweden.

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petit a petit

This is my first blog, dedicated to the next two years of my life. It focuses on two main themes: 1) My upcoming trip to Morocco and all the millions of things to study and think about in preparation for a year in Casablanca; and 2) My exploration of a possible career in urban development. This blog combines personal accounts, book and event reviews, and social commentary. I’ll mostly write in English, but French may be called for sometimes and inshallah I will start to inject some Moroccan derija. To follow this blog you don’t need to know a whole lot about Morocco, the Middle East, Chicago, or urban planning. My aim is to record observations, connect with other people interested in travel and intercultural exchange, and, as an Ambassadorial Scholar, share information about my host community and community of origin. **I urge you to leave your comments and thoughts on what you see here.** My hope is that we can use this blog as a forum for not only keeping in touch as friends but also dialoguing about the issues we’re interested in.

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Hello, and welcome to my blog! Here, I am detailing the life and times of a uni student living in Rabat and Ifrane, Morocco. Please join me on this adventure through the land of tajine, djellabas and feral cats.

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Life in Morocco

Marrakesh is a playground for the rich? An American woman raised in Morocco chips away at the veneer.

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Walking Through a Life

Peace Corp Volunteer in Morocco.

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Memoirs From Morocco

This is about my journey from Hollywood to Morocco and all of the things I've seen along my way...

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Quinn in Morocco: Just another Gouriya in the Kingdom

The adventures of a Peace Corps volunteer-turned expat.

Life is Calling

Peace Corps volunteer, living in Morocco for 2 years. A blog documenting my experiences learning about Morocco along the way - the sites, sounds, culture, and food!

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Four Modern Nomads

A family of four from the U.S. is navigating life in North Africa through travel, friends and food.

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An Ocean And A Rock

Little slices of my time spent living in Morocco as I teach English, struggle to learn Arabic, and explore anything and everything.

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Moroccan maddness - Expat Family in Casablanca

Expat Family of five moves from Houston, Texas USA to Casablanca, Morocco for for two years. This is a diary/blog of our journey that will begin with our preparations to leave the USA and will hopefully carry on throughout our adventures

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Pictures, stories - tastes of the world elsewhere... in Finnish Kuvia, tarinaa milta elama maistuu toisaalla...

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Blog of the month:The European Dream: Chelsea in London!

The European Dream: Chelsea in London!

Chelsea has been living in London for just over a year now but she has been dreaming about this life since she was a little girl. Europe has always been Chelsea's place to be. Our American girl documents her life abroad on her blog The Portable Wife.