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Lisa & Mattagascar

A blog (that we try to keep updated) about our adventures in Madagascar

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Crane's in Madagascar

After 20 years in the US Navy, My husband moved myself and our 2 smaller children (2 older childen stayed in USA) to Madagascar.. what fun we will have..

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Dealing with the World

Observations, accounts, reflections on life as I work overseas, and continue to be amazed at the similarities and the differences of humanity and nature, no matter where I go. And encouraging others to avoid the common syndrome of being "hatched, matched and dispatched at the same altar."

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The Globetrotter Parent

'm a Canadian, married to a Frenchman. We met in Abu Dhabi, UAE. We have lived in Paris, France (where our "Bambina" was born in 2004) and in Rome, Italy (where our "Bambino" was born in 2009). We are currently living in Antananarivo (affectionately referred to as "Tana"), Madagascar. I write about all things relevant to cross-border parenting, which includes everything from bilingualism to vacations, from cultural differences to jet lag, and from expat life to education systems around the world.

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Dutch in Madagascar

We like to move it, move it! Now in our 7th country, moving from Belize to Madagascar. See what it's like to be on this uniqueisland!

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Madder in Mada

Mostly just my life in Tana and beyond ...

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A British woman's view of life in Northern Madagascar

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“Do it! You’ll regret not going or wish you had gone sooner.”

Today, Maya, an LA girl, is living with her husband in Singapore and expecting her first child. But Maya has not always had a companion on her Expat adventures. Indeed, a few years ago, right after college, young Maya left the US to teach in the Philippines, satisfying an urge to live abroad she’s always had. In an interview to, Maya tells us all about her expat adventures and her blog Maya the Explorer.

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