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Travels with my Art

My blog, Travels with my Art, is a combination of artwork and musings about expat life in Tanzania and elsewhere. I am a teacher, artist and photographer, travelling the world recording images of people and life in sketchbooks and online.

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German-Turkish twentysomething, loving but leaving Berlin to go on an adventure! A.k.a. doing an internship in Nairobi, Kenya. The mission: Getting to know Kenya while working for a sustainable economy.

Expat Life from an expat wife!

Life in Nairobi

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Mama Mgeni

Tara Wambugu is a wife, a mother of two, and a Nairobi lifestyle blogger covering parenting, family life, travel, and more. A former aid worker, Tara is now a stay-at-home mom living in Nairobi with her husband and their two sassy little girls. Follow Tara and her family?s adventures on her blog, Mama Mgeni.

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Living in Kenya

Working for the UN, a primatologist, her husband, and her 2 cats forge through Nairobi and the surrounding parts.

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Evanescent Twenties

Discovering the beautiful sights of Nairobi whilst learning to live with the hard edges of this city with an edge.

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Bernie's African Odyssey

My name is Bernie and I am an Australian living in Kenya. I traveled the last 22 months around this magnificent planet having now visited 112 countries on all 7 continents. Africa is now my permanent home and would love to share my stories with you.

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gbonsy's corner

Naija babe in kenya! Some of my life experiences, including time spent in nairobi.

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life's a picnic | the adventures of william & laura

The big adventures and little moments of our lives together, living abroad in Kenya.

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The Housewife

Life and experience as a housewife in a foreign country.

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Meaghan the Mzungu

The life and tales of an American expat doing her second stint abroad. After cashing in her Korean won for Kenyan shillings, this mzungu is looking forward to exploring Kenya and beyond!

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Batik Billy in Kenya

Batik Billy, the mountain goat from Indonesia has moved to Kenya - follow his adventures!

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Our blog is a way we keep in touch with friends and family back home, sharing our news with them and our Kenyan experiences with others who are interested.

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Wanderlust Conventionalist

Written by cosmopolitan midwesterner who has relocated to Nairobi after living 8 years in the Big Apple, this blog shares my cultural interactions and observations living as a foreigner in Africa.

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Aussies Into Africa

Come on an adventure with the 3 Creans who leave Australia to volunteer with an NGO in Kenya. They'll tell you about the food, their friends, adventures and interesting day to day things they encounter.

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The Land of my mother

FaithLDN is a website dedicated to the travel and photographic ambitions of its creator. Allowing people to see Africa and Kenya, the land of her mother through her eyes. The site will also give the readers an opportunity to get involved if they are touched by the photos and stories.

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Africa Expat Wives Club

Diary of a 34 year old British housewife living in Nairobi, Kenya with three smalll children and no housework to do

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Work and Wanderlust

A new arrival in Nairobi, I will be living, traveling, and working in Kenya for 6 months. Come share the adventures as I navigate living in Africa for the first time!

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Nairobi Nights

A blog and review of nightlife and restaurants in and around Nairobi.

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Expat of the month:Marcie around the world: The adventures of a trailing spouse

Marcie around the world: The adventures of a trailing spouse

It's been more than a decade since Marcie, a US expat, has been following her spouse around the world for his career. The COVID-19 pandemic has got her stuck in California as her husband prepares for a solo move to Shanghai. Marcie talks to us about her adventures around the world and a book she recently wrote about marriage and compromise for trailing spouses.