Unpublished painting of the work El Sanguinario.Titulo-TRILOGÍA

$ 50,000
Posted 11 months ago

Unpublished painting with a 5mm spatula. Interested parties contact via email or phone. Please, the means of payment will be made by bank transaction, interested persons will receive a contract with the conditions and terms thereof, which must be studied and signed by both parties, the VAT charge will be paid by the buyer.The transaction will be carried out personally if possible, otherwise all the expenses incurred (agents or intermediaries), in addition to my time, will be paid by the buyer.The shipping costs, if necessary, will be paid in my account (Whatever they are), before making the transaction. This purchase-sale will be done without haste, with patience and with respect for both parties. The final price of the work includes VAT (50,000 euros) ,thank you.

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$ 50,000

Please contact Adolfo


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Useful tips to avoid being scammed

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