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Hi Im moving to Bh, I have a fiancé there, I teach English but really retired, but I have a degree and a tefl, does anyone want to learn English and if so I give private lessons based on ability to pay, just would like to help out, I think its a nice city and I plan on staying, Im from California USA , I was and still do own a hotel in California, Ive been a independent business man for 45 years, so I know hotel staff can benefit from just some English, the motive is not to be fluent, but to be able to communicate with a English speaking person, no un realistic goals, just conversational English great for children as well as any adult, nights or days which ever, usually two or three days a week , and I will send you home with worksheets to study at home with, anyone I would like to meet to practice English are have a discussion, better yet if you have two or more young students, I would be more than willing to give you a discount on teaching ideally I have 5-10 students paying about 5$ per hour a piece, I know I could go to the schools and get a job, its just the smaller groups I feel I can provide a better teaching experience with a better outcome for less money for the students family, if the money is a problem, then contact me anyway, I think a young person in vn has a better prospect of having a better job In thier future learning English along with knowing Vietnamese, right now Im in cambodia two weeks a month and bh two weeks a month with plans on staying in bh full time shortly , Im 62 , I have 5 children , not a criminal ha , dont even smoke or drink alcohol, but I sure would like to help adults after work , a husband and wife , it needs to be two or more , I have a very successful teaching plan based on small groups, I would love to help , money isnt the issue but a willingness to learn is all I need , I have a wonderful women Im going to marry and she works full time , her house would be a ideal setting , I have many work sheets and books , also coffee with a English speaker would be great please contact me anytime I will be in bh around the 20th of September, try a few free lessons , especially if it will help you with your job prospects, are just improving the English you already know , I'm able and more than happy to help Rod Monroe or contact me on expat.com
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