Cheapest Adventure Motorcycle in Thailand for Sale - Honda Dream

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Price 23900
Location Mae Taeng, Chiang Mai
Please contact Manfred Kuhn
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Before you contact me, READ CAREFULLY! This Bike is unique in 2 ways: 1.) A total Rebuild by myself (Youtube Honda Dream 1997 Rebuild - Chiang Mai, Thailand) 2.) With this Custom Adventure Setup, you can explore beautiful Northern Thailand, and explore remote areas. (See Youtube Video Little Adventure Bike explores Lamphun (Thailand)). This Bike is perfect for Beginners, who want to get into Adventure Riding. Lightweight and easy to ride. This Bike gives you great fun for a Small Amount of Money (Low Entrance and Maintenance Cost). With the Spare tank, you can make Trips up to 350 KM, without seeing any Gas Stations. With this 100% waterproof Hardcase, you will carry all Tools & Spare Parts. At any time and everywhere you can fix a flat Tire or do other Bike Repairs, and the Trip can continue. DETAILS: * Perfect Condition with bulletproof Engine and ready for the next 20 Years * Farang Owner, Green Book, Tax & Insurance paid until 24.02.2020 * Honda C100, Make 1997 * Mileage before Rebuild: 28.987 * Total Rebuild with ONLY 2.549 KM (Mileage NOW: 31.536 KM) * Top Speed: 95 km/h * Runs excellent with plenty of Torque, master easy steep hills * With this Bike you will go everywhere, many Places Big Bikes cant follow you Rebuild Overview: * Engine: * Top End Rebuild (Cylinder Honing, new Piston, new Rings) * New Exhaust * NEW Gearset (Both Sprockets (13/38), Chain), Gear Shifter, * NEW Electric System (Sparkplug, Battery, Bulb for Front Light, Brake Switch Rear Brake, Tail Light Set * Wheels: NEW Tires, new Tubes, new Spokes * Frame: NEW Set Bushings Swingarm, Steering Bearing, new Seat Cover * Plastics: new Front Fender, Battery Cover right, Both Side panels, lower Handlebar Cover * NEW Fuel System (Benzin Filter, Gaskets, Hoses * Controls (new Grips, new Cables (Choke, Brake, Tacho,) * FORKS (New Seals, new OIL) * Gasket: all Gaskets are NEW Adventure Setup: Custom Rack = 2.000 TBH, Waterproof Hardcase from Hardcase Thailand, Model HC-313 = 2.050 THB, 5-Liter Gas-Tank = 920 THB, Adventure Handlebar = 500 THB with X-Mount for Smartphone = 530 THB, Voltmeter & 2 USB Charger = 350 THB. More Space for a Gopro and a GPS = TOTAL: 6.350 THB New Spare Parts: - Flywheel, 400 THB - Original Honda Steering Bearing, 200 THB - Pin Handle for Lockset, 100 THB - Tube & Rubber Cement, 60 THB - Tax Sticker Box, 20 THB - Side Panel, 190 THB - Rear Axle, 60 THB - Gear Set Spindle, 315 THB - Misc. Rubbers, 50 THB - Misc. Electric Parts, 50 THB - Misc. Rubber Hoses, 50 THB - Misc. Gaskets, 30 TBH - Top Cover Chrom, 300 THB - Set Side Reflectors, 20 THB - 2 x Carb Float Sets (2 x 140 THB): 280 THB - 2 x Pod Air Filter , 60 THB - TOTAL: 2.185 THB Used Spare Parts = 300 THB Motorcycle Value: 19.500 THB Adventure Setup Value: 6.350 THB New Parts Value 2.185 THB Used Parts Value 300 THB TOTAL Value: 28.335 THB Price: THB 23.900 THB (Price is firm, NO Discount!!!!) The motorcycle is located in Mae Taeng (45 K from Chiang Mai City). Q&A: Q: Can the Bike be shipped? A: No! The Bike has to be picked up in Mae Taeng. Q: Can the Bike be sold without any Parts? A: No, only as Package Q: Is this Bike for heavy Riders? A: I guess, up to 100 KG is ok. Q: Can I lower the Price? A: Not for this Bike If you have more Questions or want this Bike, then call me: Mon-Thu 11.30 AM - 12.30 PM ONLY Tel. 084-3435 736 (EN/DE) I am busy. I will ignore Emails and Messages! I block Trolls and Time Wasters!!!!!!
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