Private lessons and Home Tutoring in Math-Physics-Chemistry-Rabat-Morocco

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Location Rabat, Rabat-Salé-Zemmour-Zaër
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The Excellence is a service for private lessons and Home Tutoring, it aims to develop Students Skills and Competencies in Math, Physics, and Chemistry. Student will also learn how to handle abstract concepts, how to argue logically, and how to express clearly in Math,Physics, and Chemistry. Our Courses and Home Tutoring Focused especially, on the following subjects: 1) Math - Algebra I and II - Geometry - Pre-Calculus - Calculus I and II - Integral - Functions - Probability - Statistics 2) Physics - Introductory Principles: Accuracy, Precision, Variables, Scalars,Vectors, SI Units, and Significant Figure. - Electricity and Magnetism, Energy and Work - Forces: Understanding Force, Velocity, Acceleration, Net Force, and Specific Forces. - Motion and Mechanics - Thermodynamics: Understanding Enthalpy, Entropy, Heat, and Laws of Thermodynamics. - Waves, Sound, and Light, Electromagnetic Waves, Doppler Effect and Waves - Optical physics - Electronic, 3) Chemistry - The periodic Table: Periodic Theories, identifying periodic Trends and types of Elements. - Element and Atoms: Isotopes, ions, Orbital Diagrams, Quantum Numbers, and Subatomic particles. - Measurements: Precision, accuracy, Calculating error, Units, Scientific Notation, and Significant figures. - Phases of matter: Gases, properties of gases, Avogadros Law, Boyles Law, Charless Law. - Phase Diagrams and Transitions, Solids and liquids, Solutions and mixture. - Stoichiometry. - Acid-base Chemistry. - Titrations. - Chemical Reactions. - Electrochemistry. - Nuclear Chemistry. - Thermochemistry and Energetics. Ensuring courses for the American Curriculum, UIR, UIC, English institutes, and University of the Sciences. Applying the most fruitful Teaching Methodologies and Learning Approaches that fit every single Student. Using the Continuous Tracking of the Learning process for each single learner. For more details, feel free to call us on: 06-62-66-27-62 The Prof Dr Med Quartiers Agdal, Hay Ennahda, Hay Riyad & Hassan Rabat-Morocco Tel: 06-62-66-27-62 -------------------------------------------------
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