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A Goddess in the Kitchen bypurple goddess

Middle aged feminist foodie becomes trophy wife and moves to Lae, PNG. I eat smoked fruit bat and shop at local markets.

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  • Accidentally vegan

    Lae is a lot of thing.... as I keep mentioning, you give up a lot to live here. One of the things I really struggle with is dairy products. The good ...

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  • Wow!

    wow. My first real earthquake! Living on the Rim of Fire, we get plenty of tremors, but this one, a 7.3, was the real thing. The 1998 earthquake that ...

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  • RWYA

    Remember Where You Are.... My mantra for living up here. Yesterday, 4 workers at a local Engineering company went on strike. 4 workers out of a ...

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  • #firstworldproblems

    workmen. *sigh** And that's not a sigh of the "OMG, hot, shirtless, ripped young tradies" kind, either. It's a sigh of: ...

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