Audra's Australian Adventure

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Audra's Australian Adventure
Audra's Australian Adventure

Just another blog by an American living in Sydney, whingeing about bad food, raving about good beer, and detailing the subtle cultural differences ...

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  • Happy New Year!!

    Whaddya mean, Happy New Year? It’s December 21st… I don’t wish to write a treatise on the stupidity of the modern calendar and the ...

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  • Repatriation FAQ

    What?! Yes, we are moving back to the United States.Why?I want to be closer to my family and the friends I have loved all my life. I hate my job ...

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  • 52 Card Pick Up

    A little over 7 years ago, our life was in a bit of a lull. Still reeling from the failure of our Mexico venture and the emotional chaos that ...

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  • A Game of Solitaire

    Compulsively, once more, I shuffle the deck and flip the cards one by one, sorting them into four piles, count the cards in each. Even. Reshuffle. Do ...

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