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Alsitgoing byalsie

My adventures as a grown-ass woman (who doesn't always act like it) living in Sydney, Australia

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  • Kangaroo Valley – A Cruel Joke

    The end of April saw us power through another eventful Anzac Day (more rain, more beers and more bets than last year) and somehow in the middle of ...

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  • A Winning Streak

    Not to brag or anything, but I’m kind of on a winning streak. First, the Roosters dominated the league and won the 2013 Premiership. Then the ...

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  • Gracie’s New Job

    Shortly after coming back from Borneo, we got the news that Dave was definitely heading up to Darwin for a few weeks of work. Laaaaame. But ...

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  • Hanging Out in Borneo

    As a young teen, I used to babysit for my cousins on a regular basis. They lived just up the street from us, had cable and a hot tub – best job ...

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7 years ago

Hey, I heard this guy lives in Sydney. Have you ever seen him?

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