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Surviving Oz
Surviving Oz byLisainOz

I first came to Australia for a three month visit. That was seven years ago.

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  • Beating the Blerch

    A while back, the Oatmeal published this comic about running. It sparked laughter and head nods among runners, spawned a book, and eventually led to ...

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  • Four things

    One:How cool is Tile?! I want to chip everything I own. Hurry up and make it for Android!2)My librarian side is impatiently waiting for this octopus ...

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  • Thymbol of the thpirit of Chrithmath

    I've mentioned before that real Christmas trees aren't widespread in Australia. Most people use a fake tree, or if they go out and chop ...

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  • Polished

    Pirate One loves having his nails painted. He loves choosing a color from my box of polishes and watching me carefully apply it to his tiny ...

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