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My blog is about the city of Los Angeles and more specifically, anything related to design, architecture, music or food.

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  • Beautiful Paris

    Today I went to a restaurant with my friends Joanne, Flo and Thibault to have a brunch.It was great! I loved the place, there was a live jazz band ...

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  • Is Ken gay?

    My boyfriend just bought a doll: It's a Ken...He had one before, an old one, and he bought the new one for the clothes because he had to make it ...

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  • IPhone

    Why does it seem that everyone has an IPhone but me?I feel trapped. I want badly one but I have still one year to go with my contract and if I ...

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  • D&G new commercial

    The first time I saw this commercial on the back cover of a magazine, I went crazy! OMG, so much beauty and perfection on only one page! They could ...

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4 years ago

I want to visit L.A. also one day, just to find how is it living in L.A. I have some friends there, I have relatives in San Diego, and nearby state. Before, going there is much easier but now it's a bit difficult.

5 years ago

u know frnd i wish someday i come in los angeles...

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