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Going American
Going American bySazotti

A look into the life of a new American aka me. I've recently moved from Zurich to Boston and am happy to share my everyday adventures as a Swiss ...

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  • How To Make Kombucha

    Hello friends, do you like Kombucha? If you like it as much as I do, live in Boston and therefore know how expensive this love can get, you’ll ...

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  • March Favorites

    Hello friends, I can’t wait for it to be spring. Says me currently looking out the window seeing snow. Oh dear. Anyways, it was time I shared ...

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  • My Favorite Green Spots in Boston

    Friends, while the calendar might tell us we’re in spring, a look out the window will tell you otherwise. Snow, rain, snow-rain. BUT. ...

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  • How to Meal Prep When You Don’t Want to Meal Prep

    Hello friends, how has March been treating you so far? I hope all is well! I’m coming at you today with a topic (see above) that I had never ...

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