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A Bangali Learning The World
A Bangali Learning The World byraiyankamal

The world is a big school and life is a never ending learning experience. Every student of the world is on a different path but eventually all paths ...

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  • Long Handle Brooms

    What's so special about long handle brooms ? Apart from being easy to use and less damaging to the user's back muscles, they are not ...

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  • Shopping for Souvenir in Sri Lanka

    Sri Lanka offers a good bunch of interesting souvenirs. Masks, leather goods, batiks, wood curving and metal ware are a few to name.Lakmedura has a ...

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  • Hoppers

    Hoppers are excellent local food available at local prices all over Sri Lanka. The local restaurants serve different kinds of hoppers throughout the ...

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  • Rakshasa Masks

    Rakshasa maskUnique to the Sinhalese culture, the rakshasa masks expresses Sri Lanka's rich and vibrant cultural heritage.The craft of making ...

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