Passion Taking Flight

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Passion Taking Flight
Passion Taking Flight bymoetakingflight

Daily ramblings of a 20-something finding footing in adulthood and in Istanbul

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  • App-Stanbul

    A city as large and diverse as Istanbul is deserving of a few good apps. They not only help guide you around the city, but make life easier in many ...

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  • Good Luck or Good Timing?

    A quarter passed 4 yesterday there was a sudden news alert of a massive explosion in Taksim. In the first moments there was the usual chaos of ...

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  • The Mysterious Physics of Teyzes

    Teyzes are the backbone of Turkish society. They are the mothers, the aunts and the women with so much life experience they carry it all on their ...

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  • The Cost of Love

    I heard that the average American wedding costs somewhere in the ballpark of $28,000. Turkish weddings are typically about 40,000tl ($20,000). To ...

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