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The Hula Hoop Honey byHulahoophoney

This is the diary of a thirty-something swedish firecracker who went to law school, met Prince Charming, had a little Princess, rode off into the ...

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  • Taco loco

    I have a little Mexican lady living in me. Every now and then she screams "Chipotle!!" And then I just have to have a nice spicy & ...

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  • Spring is here - hooray hooray!

    Finally! I thought this day would never come! Got to leave my wintery boots at home and went all the way kawaii on this sunny day! A friend of mine ...

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  • I heart Japanese Lolita

    On todays Swedish morning tv they interviewed four adorable youngsters, all dolled up in their Japanese Lolita-looks. So friggin cute!! Oh, would it ...

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  • Too old to twilight

    So, is anyone else excited about "Breaking Dawn, part 2" finally being available on DVD (or, as is the case for me, Apple TV)? I know, I ...

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