My New Life In Greece

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My New Life In Greece bycpars1612

My adventures, learning new cultures and sight seeing.

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  • Learning Greek

    Five years is about time I learn some. My advantages. No more rip off in taxi's, no more being charged 1 Euro, when the rest of the country pays ...

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  • Earthquakes

    Something you have to get use to I guess. I have felt a few in my lifetime, most were minor and only lasted a few seconds. A couple of nights ago, I ...

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  • Best Time

    I have not been to many places since I have lived here. Sometimes I sit and think about the past, (which I know you are not suppose to do). I break ...

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  • On The Beaches

    I am not a beach goer but on occasions I do. The only thing that gets my goat is behind hotels. There are chairs on the beach to sit in or lie in, if ...

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