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Life on Mars
Life on Mars byMarseilleMum

A manic mum living in Marseille gives an account with some funnies and some moans of how it is to live here with kids when hubby mostly works away...

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  • You Tube "on the back of a scooter" clips

    So much has happened since April - there is no real chance of catching up everything - from the paradise month spent at my beach place in Narbonne, ...

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  • The George Foreman

    You know when your man is home when.. he leaves the sink sponge balancing on top of the grill - i mean "please!!!"in all your life, my ...

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  • Maybe What...?

    RECESSION: For some people it is the time for cutting down and cutting back. , Although I do this a little during the interim period, I come from a ...

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  • What do we do about the recession?

    For English minded people like myself, yourself perhaps? How does it feel - when 1e used to be 75p and now 1e is about a pound - and the French still ...

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9 years ago

i am looking for friends in marseille like yourself with children

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