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Vegemite Wife
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Welcome to the upside down world of an Australian in country England. Names have been changed to protect the innocent, prudish and clinically ...

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  • Dying a Blogspot Death

    Right - remember a couple of posts ago I mentioned that Blogspot was bunching my shorts? Well, I've finally gotten the hump good and proper and ...

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  • I Still Call Australia Home

    Although it seems like a bloody long way from here and I've been gone so long I'm pretty sure the tax office and electoral people have all ...

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  • The Problem With Blogging

    Once upon a time I set out to keep an online diary of sorts. I dabbled with wordpress but found blogspot met my needs for sharing my verbal detritus ...

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  • Mad Dogs and Englishmen

    There are many things I can't explain. Quantum Physics, Morris Dancing and why you never see baby pigeons are a good start. Added to this list ...

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