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A blog about our lives in Singapore. What holidays are we celebrating? How do we find friends? Is it expensive to rent an apartment? One is a ...

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  • 12 Days in Japan

    Between the 13th and 25th of September, John and I were in Japan with a couple of our friends. With "a couple" I literally mean two people. ...

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  • One Memory, Two Emotions

    It is interesting when one memory can be great for one person, and terrible for another, though it is still the same moment, same memory. Memories ...

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  • It is not Hard once you have Decided

    I made a choice on the thirteenth of August, the day before I turned twenty three. It was time to do it and I have not had any regrets so far! ...

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  • Reasons to Volunteer

    During Thursday afternoon and into the evening I spent a couple of hours at The Cat Museum here in Singapore. There was a lot of visitors, but ...

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