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Friends In Ramen byfriendsinramen

The chronicle of a New Yorker living and eating in Osaka

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  • Welcome!ようこそ!

    日本語は英語のあと!tl;dr: Here's a list of great Osaka ramenWelcome to Friends in Ramen, the mad ramblings and reviews of a ...

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  • Taiyo no Tomato

    The BowlIt's been a while since my first trip, but the classic tomato-and-cheese ramen hasn't changed, and why should it? Soupy pasta, and, ...

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  • Tsukemen Marubushi

    Tsukemen with Indo-bon, a bit of rice with curry powder at Tsukemen Marubushi in ...

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  • Karakuchi Abura Niku Soba Hirudora

    Hirudora, a spicy ramen shop, has appeared and disappeared from Nipponbashi, but a version in Tsuruhashi appeared recently. I went by shortly after ...

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