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I came to Japan after graduating with a social science degree and an anxious sense of "what do I do with my life?". Somehow I'm still ...

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  • The big announcement

    Ok - I lied, I didn't upload the pictures from Taiwan. Anyway, 2018 is the year of big life changes and decisions.One big decision that's ...

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  • Samuuuui

    Akemashita Omedetou Gozaimasu!I will be uploading the pictures from our trip to Taiwan, just as soon as I get round to it. DONT PUSH ME ...

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  • Atami and the Ratbones

    In the Izu peninsula of Japan, Shizuoka prefecture, there’s a strange seaside town called “Atami”. I had the pleasure of visiting ...

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  • Smartphone Life

    phonelifeThe whole time that I`ve been here, I thought Japanese people were seriously addicted to their smartphones. But, now I think that it's ...

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