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Tokyo Trendy
Tokyo Trendy bymarinalea

Tokyo Trendy is a photoblog for Japanese food, culture, travel, and entertainment, as told by a foreigner who lived in Tokyo for 4 months. With ...

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  • Tokyo Trendy Continues in 2014: New Site

    Hello everyone! Although Tokyo Trendy was originally a class project, I have decided to continue this blog and share my passion for Japan into the ...

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  • Hakone

    Although Mount Fuji lies only 80 miles from the heart of Tokyo, it’s hard to see the mountain from the city unless it’s a perfectly clear ...

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  • Sweets Paradise

    Happy holidays, everyone! It’s the day after Thanksgiving, and if you live in America, you’re either fist fighting for TVs at Walmart or ...

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  • Kyoto

    Kyoto is the final stop on my Kansai journey, and one of my absolute favorite places in Japan. Kyoto is truly the cultural capital of Japan, with ...

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