I am new to delhi, I hope to meet new people

...hello everyone,
I am a French student, I have just arrived in Delhi and I do not know many people. I am one month and a half in Delhi. I would like to meet new people out, visit, have fun

Welcome to Delhi.
I am student of J.N.U New Delhi, you may come here to visit our campus. I have just started to learn French Language. I think we can do a good language exchange for one and a half month duration. I know Arabic, Urdu and Hindi.
You can contact me by this mail id: ahsanj87[at]gmail.com
I hope to hear from you very soon.

hey dude whats up? how you doing? its awesome that you are in Delhi,and even now days weather is taking its position,its cool here and you are Welcome to New Delhi...Have fun and for how long you gonna live in Delhi? and if you need any help just inbox me! :)

can i join u???

Good to know students taking interest in india for studying welcome bro. Let me know if i can help you somehow i am based in delhi only.



Which institute you are going ?

I think it is a very old post. I think he has gone.

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