Scheduling meetings and some free time with you guys!

Hi there! If you type here to get some frieds - like I do - lets do it together!

No, I didnt mean type together. But what if we meet, maybe in El Patio or in the park or wherever, and actually have a nice personal communication? Like everywhere else, this city is beatiful and fun if you have people to spend some time with. And this is what I offer - I hate to go home after work, especially on fridays.

Ok, here's my agenda. Interested people are welcome.

1. We go out for a dinner.
2. We go to the gym.
3. We go to the movies, shopping, enjoy mountain air in the parks.
4. We have some volounteer activities.
5. We do whatever we want.

Whatever issues you have to solve - we can do it. Accomodation, living, everyday life, etc.

So, guys, hope to get some friendly feedbacks!
If you support my idea, say Whoopieeee and respond! ))

Best of luck to you all!

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