Dog shows in Ecuador

Does anyone have any information on the dog show scene in Ecuador?

Am interested in confirmation, obedience, agility and rally.



This is what you are looking for:

Let me know if you need more assistance

Susan & Poochie the traveling boxer (Top Hat's Intermission)

Thanks so much.  Have found that site.  Would like to learn about people's personal experiences, frequency of shows, how active the dog community is, and any ins and outs?

How developed is the dog show scene, as much as Mexico, for instance?  Any international shows, as well?

Thanks again.


Haven't had much time to get involved, so you might want to write directly to the organization. 

They do have international shows, some  are listed in their calendar.

Probably best to look at the list of judges or to  look at the list of breeders for your breed and contact them directly. 


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