Any Japanese in Malta?

Hi. I'm Japanese and my husband is from Malta. We live in US but considering to move to Malta with our 3 children. Does anyone know if I could get a job using Japanese language? How many Japanese are there in Malta? And is there public school that teachs in English?

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I can't help with the question about Japanese, but as far as schools and English language there are many posts on this forum about it (please select "Schools & studies" under the Topic categories to get a list of recent threads on the subject), but in short, Public Schools in theory may teach (most subjects) in English, but Private schools (fee paying) definitely teach in English (apart from the occasional lapse!). If you have specific questions not addressed by previous threads please ask - also remember some information is opinion.


There are at least 25 Japanese living in Gozo and Malta, many involved in the Japanese tourist market - dive centres, tour guides, language schools

you should have a look to this page … ope/malta/ ;)

Thank you! I'll check out the web page you provided.

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