Spanish classes in Seoul?

Hola, como estas usted?

I caught the language bug, but just not for Korean, for  Spanish. I have been researching private institutions or even programs at universities where I can enroll in a few classes.

I couldn't find many private instituions (only 2 or so, in Seoul) and the university programs that I found were too expensive, for me anyways.

Any ideas? Are there any spanish groups here in Seoul where I can practice spanish. Honestly, I am getting  tired of talking to a computer :( (during my online lessons). I don't want my conversation to sound like a robot but I want to be more fluent, thus the importance of conversing with native spanish speakers.

Any spanish speakers out there providing spanish lessons. Let me know.

Gracias y Hasta luego.

Hi spanishlearner,

Welcome to! :)

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I hope other members will be able to advise you.

I wish you good luck,

I speak Spanish if that helps.

i am interested too, count in me if you could find one

Hablo bastante bien espanol...podemos encontrar para charlar y mejorar estas enteresado, contactame!

Hi Urban_Gypsy!

As you are on the anglophone forum can you write in English please?

Thanks and regards

I speak spanish fairly well..we can meet to improve our level of to contact me if interested..

Hi there!

I am a Spanish teacher. I just arrived from Spain 3 days ago. Maybe I can help you.


Esther - welcome to Seoul and good luck with your classes. I moved to Seoul a few weeks ago and my wife is coming in a just a few days. we are from Granada, although we've been expats for more than 10 years in various countries. Please give me a shout if you need any help.

Un abrazo,


Hi Spanishlearner:

I am Jaime Martín. A spanish men who is moving to Seoul. I will arrive at the begining of September.
I have experience teaching and I am looking for a job there , so your post looks atractive to me.
If u are really interesting write to me ( martindelafuente.jaime[at]
If u advice me with time I can check your level and start to plan the classes.



I am native spanish speaker.

I am currently studying an MBA here in Seoul. I have experience as a private teacher and I really enjoy doing so!. You can write directly to me victor.valdes2002[at]

I really like teaching, let me know if you interested.

Mucha Suerte, saludos

If all else fails you can go with Rosetta Stone

Hola, has aprendido Español? Me gustaría contactarte por facebook... Te paso mi correo carmenbarrios18[at] Añademe, quisiera ver si me puedes ayudar en Seul... Saludos

@Meliux - Can you please writing in english on this Anglophone forum? :)

Thank you,
Aurélie for those who want to join the mexican community in Korea. :)

I am a Korean blooded Spanish national, who has come to Seoul to live. I don´t have that much time, but whenever I get some free time, I´d like to meet Spanish speaking people. Count me in!

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Esther Blan :

Hi there!

I am a Spanish teacher. I just arrived from Spain 3 days ago. Maybe I can help you.


Esther! So you're teaching Spanish in Seoul? that's great! I'm looking for a job as a Spanish teacher as well, so if you can give me any information..! Thanks a lot!

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I´m a Spanish and English teacher living in Seoul. I´m from north Spain and I have been a teacher for ten years. If you are still interested in classes and conversation skills, contact me and we can speak.
My email is etrespuntos[at]
Hope to hear from you soon,

Hola a Todos. :D 
Hello to Everyone. I'm from Colombia. if you need help to learn Spanish I can help you. Spanish is my mother tongue, and I studied pedagogy to teach it. also, I studied Bachelor in English, so it means that I am an English teacher,  I can teach you with different and modern teaching methods It will be very dynamic.
If you need help text me on kakao: sairacaicedor. or by E-mail: sairacaicedor[at]
Good luck.
Mis mejores Deseos
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Hello sairacaicedor and welcome on board

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This will definitely help

Kenjee Team

Hi Esther,

Do you still teach in South Korea?

I will be moving there and I am looking for places to take spanish classes.

Hola Spanish Learner!

Buen Día!

Vivo en Seoul y hablo español. Si quieres conversar uno o dos días a la semana y estás libre por las tardes me encantaría darte clases de español. Fui profesora de Berlitz por un año y  puedo enseñarte. Si te interesa ponte en contacto conmigo y quedamos.


Ah perfect 👌🏽! Y where do you live in seuol? Do you teach there?

Hola! My husband works at the British Embassy so we live at the embassy compound in Jung-gu. Would that be close to you?

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