Where to buy fondant?

Hey everybody,

Okay so I'm trying to find out where I can buy fondant, as well as other cake decorating supplies in khobar. Does anyone have any idea? Any help will be appreciated.

usually fondant is made with marshmallows which is not a halal ingredient in store bought fondant. so my sister's used to make it at home.

but if you are really in need of some pre-made fondant. im sure if you go to any confectionery store or pastry shop and ask for them to get you some, they wouldnt mind getting some for you. but again for that you may have to find out what fondant is called in arabic! ;-p

started making my own and was really surprised at how easy it was to make and at how well it turned out.
So this is the recipe I used :-
1lb 2oz/4 1/2 cups
1 egg white
2 tbspns 30mls liquid glucose (easily obtained from a pharmacy) or you can use corn oil.

Place icing sugar in a bowl and mix in the other ingredients. Knead the icing until smooth and immediately place in a plastic bag.

Give it a try you will be surprised.;)

Hmmm, yeah making some at home does seem like the better option but there are SOOO many different recipes online that it gets quite confusing! :S

PLus, im not that experienced in cake making and all, but my friend and I wanted to try it out. I'm gunna try checking at some bakery.

@sandystorm: is it really tht easy to make?

You bet ;) If I can do it so can you.

Just keep kneading it. It doesn't take long but you don't believe at first that it will be smooth fondant. Then voila! turns out just like shop bought.

oh and the glucose, you can pick it up at your local grocery store, OR substitute it with caster sugar.

@BTBm: I am not sure if there is anything not halal about Fondant..  I think its not available because people dont need it here much.. Demand and supply i guess.

RedGoblin :

@BTBm: I am not sure if there is anything not halal about Fondant..  I think its not available because people dont need it here much.. Demand and supply i guess.

there is always a demand for anything at all times out here in saudi arabia. point in case, this nice lady looking for fondant!
and yes, most pre-made fondant's available all around the world, contain ingredients containing gelatin. which from my knowledge is not prepared with ingredients as permitted by the local food and drug administration. hence there-forth onwards visa-vi the problem of availability of fondant in the saudi arabian consumer product market. BOOM YOU JUST GOT LAWYERED!

@BTBm: hmmm.. perhaps, but then you do see vegetable gelatin everywhere. Me thinks that there is no company which imports pre-made fondants here, because well there would be a significantly lower demand. ANyway, lets not discuss market policies on this post, the lady wanted Fondant, not sure if our side discussion is going to help her.

way to kill the thread goblin man!

@btbM : You are welcome! :D

U ll get it from lulu hypermarket. I always get it from there

Does anybody know where to buy fondant icing here in Jubail or Khobar?
And in different colors..

I know home made fondant can be made, tried it.. But i want the ready one..
If anybody knows, pls let me know where to buy it.. Thank you.

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