What do you think about transportation in Casablanca ?

I am living in Dubai with my husband and toddler, I drive here. We might move to Casablanca in a few months. Some people told me that I shouldn't drive there, as it's not safe and it's a headache. What do you think about the roads there, not to mention that people drive perfectly in Dubai. And would I survive with taxis or a driver?

I will annoy you with my worried questions! Haha sorry

yep it issss a headache, the roads are not wide and there are too many cars especially in rush hour

yeha its difficult i used to live in Dubai and now am bac to Home Morocco and i cannot drive its difficult but taxis are not expensive very cheap and also u can hire a driver if u want

Driving in Casa is Hell. I would recommend you to use your car at the minimun or get a driver!

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