Moving to Mexico from Pakistan

Hello Guys,
         I'm considering a job in Mexico. This is for ericsson. Currently they are offering me a base salary of 4000 USD. There are some allowances too(such as food vouchers, grocery tickets, and other annual incentives). I'll be located in Mexico city.
- What I want to know is whether its a good base salary or not? - Also, what is the current monthly expenditure if you have to manage apartment yourself?
- whats the situation of safety in Mexico city?
- Any fellow Pakistanis living in Mexico please do contact me at salmanravian[at]


Hi sallywally and welcome to!

I hope that other members will soon help you.

And for finding Pakistanis people living in Mexico, I may suggest you the network Pakistani expatriates in Mexico, maybe you will be given some advice.

All the best,

Dear Brother salary is enough good ,you can live enough good ,security is very similar as in Pakistan also depends which city and which area you are residing ,in Mexico city you can go out till 9 o clock ,I have been living in Mexico since 2002 know very well but still i donot want to be in down town after 7 o clock .U can rent an apartment from 300 usd --1000 usd .
here in Mexico posh areas are polanco /condesa there you can get an apartment for 600--1200 usd of one bed room with security .
I recomend u when u r here in Mexico go to embassy and look for mosque ,we get together on friday .
in case you need more details u can write me xxx

Salam Brother, welcome to Mexico, as Mr.Shah said that the salary is good enough to live in Mexico, i am currently living in Cancun and i work for a five star beach resort, you must visit Cancun, its beautiful.


Salam Nasir Brother

HOw are you i hope you will fine there. I am Waqas Mughal From Sialkot, PAkistan. I want to take some information about coming to mexico. please can you give me your facebook id/ skype/ yahoo? we may talk there better. please. thank you. waiting for your reply

Waqas Mughal

hello brothers
i been married with mexicon girl and i did all required paper work and soon i ll get visa but i need to know about monterrey city if its safe or not and also i need to know the job situation for foriegn as i m msc engineer becaz i m very new to mexico i dnt hav any idea about mexico thanks u all.

hellow dera i am here from pakistan and i realy intrsted to com over there in mixico,,

Mexico City  D F  is expensive and dangerous, but not as bad as Pakistan. There are few Pakistanis living there. Check with pakistani embassy.

Hi Shah,
I wanna ask you about your current situation,  your post is old so I would like to know if you actually moved to Mexico. Also, what did you do in order to marry a Mexican woman? I have a relationship with a guy from Pakistan and right now we are trying to get him here in Mexico but everything seems very complicated. I would appreciate any help you can provide.  Thanks


Trust me...getting a pakistani in Mexico is really a tough job...especially if he is coming directly from Pakistan.



Trust me...getting a pakistani in Mexico is really a tough job...especially if he is coming directly from Pakistan.

Hello my name is hayat and planning to come to Mexico from Canada
could you please email me at ***
I need to know more about living there and other options
thank you

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You are absolutely right Musa its very tough job to bring any pakistani here in MEXICO especially direct from Pakistan but i have a good way idea ,

Would u kind enough to let me know , how is possible to get visa for Pakistani national ?


Get in touch with the Mexican consulate in Islamabad, Pakistan Or Tehran, Iran.

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Hi, I'm Aamir Saeed living in Merida, Yucatan

Hello... Nasir bro are you still in cancun ??

Hello everyone I am Rocky from Sialkot Pakistan and I lived 7 years in Bangkok Thailand but now just move back to Pakistan. I wanna know about mexico that is there easy to get any job? And I also fall in love with a Mexican girl and we wanna get marry. So how should I marry her? Does she need to come to Pakistan for marry me? Or if there is any other ways then please help me out. And I also wanna know. After marry a Mexican girl can get Mexican nationally? And how long it will take?

I wouldn't even BEGIN to help you out, I'm afraid.your plans are all too transparent.- a quick, easy marriage and resulting freedom to come and live and work in this country. 
How long before you abandon or divorce the wife once he purpose is served? That is the common experience everywhere else in the world.
Wherever Pakistanis have settle they bring religious problems with them - as in southern Thailand and Myanmar.
If you intend to follow the exampleof your fellow countrymen in Europe let me disillusion you. It would not be tolerated in this Roman Cathollic country.
I suggest you seek a well-paying  job in Saudi Arabia or the very wealthy Emirates in the Gulf.  Why not??.
Why on earth do you wish to leave Pakistan?    And for what reason did you decide to leave a job in Thailand - which is such a beautiful country with delightful people?

Hello Guys,
I am planning to move to Mexico. However I wonder if there is any consulate in Pakistan from where I can get the Visa.
Thanks in advance for your kind information.

Consular Section, Mexican Embassy in Tehran, Iran. … ar-section

Any pakistani In Toluca or Mexico City ?
please send a text here .

Hey brother ! can you help me get a job there in Cancun? I m a US Citizen born in Pakistan!

Salam Alikum , Can you help me get a job in Cancun, Mexico at a resort where you are working? I m an American Citizen living in New York . Thank You .

Hi brother, in order to get a work permit in Mexico you must have a job offered by a Local company and get your work visa from the Mexican consulate before you fly, if your intention is to work here.

saalam brother can i get your number i am in mexico city

Wsalam brother, you can inbox me your number.

Hi, im working on Catalonia Resorts and im a hotelier worker since 6 years ago. If you are continue interesting sent me a message ***
Allah Hafiz!

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