Squash in Kuwait

Hi, does anyone know where I can play squash in Kuwait, and generally what my options are for getting a game in?
Thanks, Matt

Crowne Plaza Hotel has a very active squash court scene in its health club, i think memebership is @ 270KD a year or so.

I think ABS also has something like that.

You might find squash in supermarkets and most vegetable/fruit stores :)

Hi, I am moving to Kuwait in September...would love to play some squash.  Give me a message if u need a squash partner

As legacy said above , Crowne Plaza health Culb have squash court.I played there before it's good but the gym in general not good.Do not waste your money and join it.

The health club membership at the Crowne Plaza isn't that bad. I found it to be quite reasonable. The membership price was as mentioned above. I liked the fact that with that membership, they offered 10 hours free training (with a personal trainer to guide you and give you advice on what you should focus on when working out). Also, they offered free vouchers for massages. They had cool classes as well. They also have an outdoor swimming pool. As for squash courts, I think that's the only place that I know of that has squash courts.

With all respect to crown plaza fans :)
As i was a member for 3 years ( because they offer each one year + 4 or 6 months free depends on the current offer so you get about 16-18 months for 250 )
but this May i didn't renew because the pool is becoming like SORRY a kids bathroom to get rid of any waist products in there body :) you all understand, and the sales team is the best in Kuwait just adding more and more members like its about to BLOW and massage to reserve it before 4 days... anyway dont want to drift away from the main point, just if u want crown for squash then go for it and to use the rest facilities try to go as early as possible for pool, gym or fitness court .

in this case sea is better.

hi Kuwaitteacher, i'm looking for a squash partner too my email is petros.salman[at] and if u want u can also add me on facebook: petros salman. im really looking forward to meet u.

I am looking for squash partner also am egyptian Doctor am new in kuwait

hey u can play squash at flex fitness centre

if u want to play squash with me contact singhthelion1989[at]

hey doc,
if u want to play squash u can contact me xxx

Are you still looking for squash partner ??
if yes, please let me know.
You can send me email for ***

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Hey we can play squash call me ***

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I will send you email with my telephone number

Hi everyone,

Please refer to the Sport partners in Kuwait section of the website by dropping a free advert if you are looking for a squash partner. You will better communicate with each other and exchange contact details.

All the best,

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