Canadian Family thinking of moving to Turkey

I have been to Turkey only once ( To Side near Antalya) and i really liked it.
If i ever moved to Turkey, i would prefer to live on the Mediterranean coast somewhere ( Alanya, Antalya, Didim, etc.). I prefer an area where English is commonly spoken and also where the economy will be reasonably strong in case i decide to buy a property ( Tourism seems to be the big industry along the coast). I am not interested in Istanbul because it is too large a city for me.

I have a few questions:

1. Is there a lot of English schools in Turkey ? Are any of these Schools located near the places i mentioned above ?
2. Does anyone know where to find good information on tax laws for Canadians working in Turkey ? I know that Canada and Turkey have a Tax Treaty.
3. Are there any stats on % of english speaking people in various cities ?
4. Is there anyone out there who has moved their family to Turkey ?


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I hope other members will be able to advise you soon ;)


well, i can answer only one of ur questions. there is just a few universities fully speaking english. otherwise, there is no english speaking high schools or elementary schools or anything. they only have english language classes. but thats all.. in most of the cities, u will rarely find ppl speaking english "fluently". sorry for that..

oh, just found a link for the tax treaty between canada and turkey. you can read the whole agreement from here : … ey-eng.asp

hope it helps :)



The international schools have English speaking ones but are very expensive. There are some Christian schools, but people seem to do a lot of home schooling. Schools are not a terribly easy subject so it seems.

Some Turkish-English schools (half and half)

Definitely nothing in the country side.

Hi Andy,

Do you mean English schools for children to attend? Or schools teaching English to adults as a job possibility?

I live in Didim and my friends who have children, send them to local schools where they learn very quickly to speak Turkish! We also have a language academy.

As this is a tourist resort, nearly everyone speaks English. Its only when you venture further afield that there may be a problem. However, Turks are the most friendly and hospitable people Ive ever met who will go out of their way to help you any way they can.

Our Children are 1.5 and 3 years old so we would be looking at school for them to attend. We would prefer lessons to be taught in English or English and Turkish. We want to be sure they will learn and speak fluent English.



Hi Andy,

Bless, they are very young :-) I guess one way to do that would be through private English lessons, as well as attending a Turkish School. Private lessons are of course much more economical here.

A couple of places we were looking at are Alanya and Antalya. Do you have any information on what these 2 cities are like ?



Hi Andy,

Not really for schooling I don't. Antalya is big favourite with Russian Tourists and in Alanya there are a lot of German. So much so that the staff in the hotels tend to speak Turkish, Russian and German as opposed to English like they do here.

Ive got a couple of friends up that way so I'll ask them if they know anything about the schooling in those areas


Thanks for the Help



we are Canadian family , thinking to move to turkey

in which city do you live now ?


Abdel & marie

I moved here from Canada a while back and living happily in Lara, Antalya.

Please feel free to ask what interests you.

What visa do Canadians need to move and live in Turkey?

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