Any Muslim sisters in Paris?

Hi there, looking to catch up and form a little group with other muslim girls in Paris for tea, movies, mosque etc
Please send me an email :)

Hello Sarah! :)

I hope that you will have a lot of nice contacts.

All the best,

hello i have moved to the border of paris am looking for muslim sister who i can spent my spare time with. i would prefer a sister who could speak at least english and urdu if possible a little french is fine, not so much as i am still learning french.

Regards jana


My wife is interesting by your little group. She speaks french and english and will be glad to share with you. We're living in paris but plan to move to middle east next year so these meetings would be a great opportunity to improve her english.

If you are interested, pm me and i'll give you her contact to see directly with her.

thks and aidkoum moubarak said

Unfortunately I am going home in a week, my plans have somewhat drastically changed so I must head back to Australia.
Sorry, Sarah

Salam am a bengali muslim eid mubarak brother if your wife is intrested please mail me on jo.begum[at]

Thks for your reply Sarah. Hope u come back for good news.


I am planning on visiting Paris March 11th til the 16th. I wanted to find out if there are other Muslim sisters who would like to meet up while I'm there.

If so, please contact me and we can exchange more info.

I would prefer someone who can speak some English and French.


You are in Chicago ??

I am new here and was looking to meet some like-minded people.


Im from the UK, muslim and in paris for the year of 2013! I'm here with my husband who works all does anyone
here want to meet up, drink tea and explore paris and make friends please get in touch.

M x

salam eleikum

you are muslim ? and Australian ? in paris ?
Me I'm Romain, I'm muslim since 2000, married with two children's .
usually I don't live in France but I have to stay here some time .
My wife and our children's are waiting for me in bangkok.
You can find many mosquee around paris, but no so many inside.
If you need some help or anything else , please contact me, I will be happy to help you.

Slam alykom mes soeurs,
I am muslim from Egypt, am in Egypt right now for a short vacation, i would love to join you when i return to paris. Wish you all a nice day slam alykom

Hi,  anyone still reading this thread?? I am also English revert sister and have found myself recently moved to Paris with hubby and kids.  Would love to get in touch with any English speaking sisters.

Hi,  anyone still reading this thread??

They will be now.
Hope you find new friends soon. :)

la chance lucky you i was planing to move to paris those days but they refused my visa lol any way
enjoy hanging out with the sisters <3

:D Hi there!
I am a muslim sister living in the suburbs of Paris. I would be delighted to meet you with other muslim ladies and have chats and fun.
All the best!

sababobby1 :

:D Hi there!
I am a muslim sister living in the suburbs of Paris. I would be delighted to meet you with other muslim ladies and have chats and fun.
All the best!

Hi, and welcome to the forum.
This is an old thread, but you never know your luck.
I hope you find new friends.

Asalaamu alaikum sisters!

I will be in Paris with my family from June 15 through June 30 and then I will also be staying after till the end of July. I would love to meet any sisters during my stay! I am a native English speaker, but am learning French, so InshAllah I can make some conversation in French :)
My family and I are now looking into places where we can stay. Any suggestions on living spaces and also about any masjids in Paris, especially for Ramadan and for iftar will be much appreciated!

Ma salaama,


asssalamu'alaikum! Hi, i am so glad to found this thread, hope anyone still reading it, hehe. I am indonesian, muslim, and living in paris now. I would love to meet some muslims sisters here. anyone who is interested, please contact me

ps: i speak english :)

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Great sister! Ramadan Mubarak to you and your family!
As far as mosques are concerned, the Paris one is the biggest in Paris. I live not too far from the creteil mosque which is very nice. I'd be delighted to show it to you. Most mosques within Paris are prayer rooms unfortunately.
The Paris mosque is near the monge metro station. In the mouffetard quarter which is close by there are some Restaurants.
As far as staying is concerned are you looking for a hotel or for an apartment to rent?
Best, saba

Dear sister,
Best and Ramadan Mubarak!

As-salaam wa'alaikum sisters,

I've settled into Paris but am really missing Muslimah company!! I'm a native English speaker and my French is only so-so, but excited to meet anyone who's up for a coffee and exploring Paris a bit :)

Afifah :

As-salaam wa'alaikum sisters,:)

The thread is a little old now but you might get replies from new posters or, if the previous posters have their email notifications turned on, they could well see it an reply.
Either way, welcome to the forum and I hope you find new friends.


I'm not sure if there is anyone still reading or active in this thread. I'm new to living in Paris here and it can get pretty daunting not having any female Muslim friends despite being married :D  Would love to know and meet any fellow sisters whom I can keep in touch and befriend with in a new place InshaaAllah :) Best regards

Hi there :) where are you in Paris?

I am a young singaporean malay lady living in Massy (RER B). Let me know if anybody wanna meet.  mother of 3 kids and full time student.

Hi, I am residing at Verneuil-sur-Seine area (: And yes, although I'm a bit shy in meeting new people but it will be really nice if we can get to know one another and meet up someday InshaaAllah

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