Flat to rent for Juli 2011 in Hamra


Drop a line to swissboy he is looking for a flat!

Ok, thnx! I will ask him if he would like to visit! It is a nice flat in Hamra. Sea view etc.
You are from germany right?

Yes but I bought my apartment 4 weeks ago I live in Ashrafiehe Atomiumtower!:)

Hi dajey!

Please post your advert in Beirut classifieds> Accommodation section!

Thanks and regards

I am looking for apartments in Yearzeh Robert this area is more quiet and is overlooking Beirut I am going to buy there just looking for the nice place with nice view.

if only i saw this add :( as am coming in the new year to hotel named La Maison du Hamra it will be my fourth stay in this hotel :)

La Maison is good, but not quiet!! If you want more quiet, you go to the Sky Suites.

btw.. its owned by a freind of mine he's lebanese thats why i get a special private rates :D
as for Sky Suites definitely i will recomend it for friends :)
thanks so much for your great help :)

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