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Evening all. hope everyone is doing fine. Hopefully i could get some info from you lovely people on here. I'm a South African that grew up in Ondangwa for a lot of my childhood in the war. My dad was in the SAF. We moved to Port Elizabeth when i was about 12, and lived there until i was 18, then moved to the UK. The question i have for you is, how hard is it to move and get work in Namibia? My wife is from Holland, and a teacher. We have 2 young boys, and are looking to set up permanently in Namibia. I've loved the country since we were children and would love to move that way with my family. Any feed back from you guys would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance. Morne

p.s. Feel free to ask any questions.

Namibia is a beauriifuuu country! Schooling for your sons is a sure deal. I will be moving there in a few weeks on a tour of Hospitality duty. I have found a lot of info on URLs and old posts here. This is to wish you all the best. Ideal strategy is to first get a job..then allow 3 months for the complete move process as the Home affairs sits once weekly on Tuesdays to re evaluate thousands of applications. Once again all the best.

Well said. Karibu Namibia to all of you.

Namibia is a beautiful country. One of the things you will notice right away is how clean Windhoek, the capital city, is.  I agree with the suggestion that the best thing is for you to move there first then get the family over.

Points to keep in mind:

1. Try and secure a job before moving unless you are in business. If you have what are considered "critical skills"
    then you are in luck.

2. Schools here start in January so if you have school-age children talk to schools in good time. Because education   
    is free the public schools are crowded. The private schools have limited spaces because of the demand from
    those who can afford it and the foreign community.

3. Talk to a Real Estate agent early enough. You might not be able to find what you want when you want it at the
    drop of a hat but there is increased construction of flats.

4. Entertainment for the family: There are incredible places to go out and see outside of Windhoek; beautiful tourist   
    sites and game lodges too. Tour the country, it is out of a storybook....a nice storybook.



Please help with advice.

My husband is in Namibia on work visa. The work permit is not ready yet and can take months. But, myself and the kids are coming with him beginning of January.

Has anyone previously moved to Namibia from SA? Any tips will be appreciated.

Good morning dear people..8 months and 2 weeks, finally I have secured  Today a work permit. Alleluia! For anyone waiting..take heart. It will come to be. have a blast of a day!

Thank you. We are here as accompanying on work visa now. But, still awaiting the outcome of the work permit.

We heard that the Ministry is awaiting a letter from the SA consulate to confirm that my husband may work here. This is the last step in their process, but its taking forever.

Have you ever heard of such a letter?

Tersia dear! Take heart. Immigration change the rules every day...I've had to fight thru a rejection twice, but finally im holding the permit..Take heart as you is well.

Thank you. I am holding faith x


I was born in Namibia, Windhoek.  (My farther is also born in Namibia).  We moved to South Africa in the year 1989 and still staying here.

I would love to get the opportunity to come and stay in Namibia as it is my birth Country, but are not sure what to do.

I am married with kids.

Thank you

Hello my is E. I looking to make a contact in Namibia and network. I want to find a self accommodation place to live while I complete my business with home affairs.

Hi I just joined this forum. I live in Namibia.
Call me xxx

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I visited Namibia last summer and would love to move there.  My husband and I are U.S. citizens.  I am a Speech Language Pathologist (Speech Therapist) and my husband is a clinical social worker.  We would like to start a business there.  what are the steps we must take to proceed. How do we get extended visa's and eventually residency?

Hi Zenani
My dad was born in Namibia .I was born  in SA .
Thinking of moving  to Namibia can I get a Namibian  passport .


You should check out these websites for information   this site has information regarding requirements for citizenship. … itizenship   for application and information

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