hepatitis B infection

Hi all,
Anyone able to remove their lifetime ban regarding hepatitis B by applying through employment visa?

Thank you

Hi, what about Hep c? I was told that I'm a carrier From getting tainted blood transfusion back I. The eighties. Will I have a problem? I will be teaching at a private school in RAS aL Khaimah

Hi Guys,
I am new to this forum but was wondering what's the latest update about the employment rules with Hepa B?

I was livingin dubai for the past 5 years and 1 month ago (surprise surprise) they told me I have hepa b. So I was changing jobs and my new employer sent me for pre-employment medical where I found out I have it, thanks God, they havent applied for a visa yet and it was only pre-employment check up. since my previous visa was already cancelled I had to leave the country (luckly with no consequences such as ban). I read a lot of stories that they changed the law, etc,
my question is:  do they still check all the newcomers for Hepa B, even those who dont belong to 6 profession and will I be even considered as a newcomer? (I lived in dubai for 5 years but yes, my last employment visa is cancelled).
Is there any was to still be emloyed? Please help, my career and life is falling apart

Thank you so much in advance,

Dear Alina ...
Ill Check this for you tomorrow with Immigration and update you . wish you get this solved . good luck … d-1.297970
This might help :)

Thank you, really appreciate it. I know there are ways, judging from the previous posts of the forum members, just need to find the right approach + hope that the law has been adjusted. I am a marketing manager in hospitality industry (well, hospitality is not an option any more, I can still be a marketing manager in a non-hospitaity company)
Kind regards,

Thank you Fadiagri. Does it meanthat the screening will not apply to the newcomers? (I am not new to Dubai but will apply for a new employment visa)

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