hepatitis B infection

Hi all,
Anyone able to remove their lifetime ban regarding hepatitis B by applying through employment visa?

Thank you

Hi, what about Hep c? I was told that I'm a carrier From getting tainted blood transfusion back I. The eighties. Will I have a problem? I will be teaching at a private school in RAS aL Khaimah

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Dear Alina ...
Ill Check this for you tomorrow with Immigration and update you . wish you get this solved . good luck … d-1.297970
This might help :)

Good day everyone. I am a new member to thus forum and I am happy to read successful stories of those hp-b positive in UAE. I have also a friend who's a healthy carrier and I am going to tell him the good news about the new laws of uae. He's an engineer by profession. I guess he will not worry any more to apply for a visit visa in uae. Thanks for all your stories. It inspires all of us.

Hi friend

Can you help me with your result if you have travel to use and have done medical for hep B ?

Hi Friends

Please Please Please reply

I would really appreciate if any one can shed some light on this Hep B new rule for residence visa in UAE. I am planning to visit  for employment. I do not fall under 6 categories. I am IT professional and only looking for a job in IT company. Will I be tested for Hep B. As some one said it's still tested for newbies(those who are coming to UAE for first time). Any kind of procedure to followed?
Any help will highly be appreciated.


         Come without any hesitation if you do not fall in six catagories then you don't need to be worried at all. Because i was in the same situation 6 months before 😍 but now m working here and got a job. I also came here on visit Visa in July and I'm also the patient of hepatitis b.

Tell him without any hesitation dear.

JazakAllah Dear

I was really worried. As different people are saying different things. Heartly Gratitude. I hope InshaAllah everything will be good me too.

After me you don't need to get opinions from others dear it's hundred percent true.

waqas bhai... I am Ehtaysham..c computer teacher...Anti HCV positive trying to get employment visa in UAE. pls let me know whether I will b tested for HEpatitis-C or not?

Dear bloggers,
Please enlighten me.
My wife was carried  Hepatitis B, she was here in Dubai 2013 on visit visa, after medical she was deported immediately. Now, she is under medication and the doctor declared as Negative. Advice is even to have child now.
She is a hair dresser. Now she wants to get back here in Dubai.
How can I lift her ban?
What is the procedure?
Is there any chance to get her back here?
Please help. Thanks.

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