hepatitis B infection

Hi all,
Anyone able to remove their lifetime ban regarding hepatitis B by applying through employment visa?

Thank you

Hi, what about Hep c? I was told that I'm a carrier From getting tainted blood transfusion back I. The eighties. Will I have a problem? I will be teaching at a private school in RAS aL Khaimah

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Dear Alina ...
Ill Check this for you tomorrow with Immigration and update you . wish you get this solved . good luck … d-1.297970
This might help :)

Good day everyone. I am a new member to thus forum and I am happy to read successful stories of those hp-b positive in UAE. I have also a friend who's a healthy carrier and I am going to tell him the good news about the new laws of uae. He's an engineer by profession. I guess he will not worry any more to apply for a visit visa in uae. Thanks for all your stories. It inspires all of us.

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