Moving to Luxembourg -yes or no


I am seriously considering moving to Luxembourg. I am 36yrs old singlefemale, software programmer with not a lot of money. I heard that the quality of life is good but I am starting to think that it's only good for very rich people. Am I wrong?
If the average salary is around 3000 euros gross how much does an individual have left at the end of the day as rent is very expensive and also there is internet, transportation ,food etc?

I will appreciate feedback as I am seriously thinking about it and already had one Skype interview.


Hi and welcome on board avital!

I hope other members will be able to advise you soon ;)


Hi, I don't live there either but considering no-one else has yet answered.. I was down there at the weekend (I live within easy driving distance in Belgium) and I noticed how expensive it is to rent a place. In the range of 600-1000 is actually fairy conservative for close to the center, and many of these just seem to be studio apartments. I started to suspect that maybe it was because a lot of rich people have owned a house there for many years, have also bought apartments to let out and they've collectively pushed the prices higher because of the demand given the good job opportunities on the doorstep. But I also noticed that VAT is really low and petrol too (at say 1.25 euros compared to 1.50 at the same time in France and Belgium). We were in the big Auchun shop too (yes it was a fun weekend) but can't see much variation in the price from other countries nearby. And for what its worth, the retail and cafes for example are not any more expensive than neighbouring countries from what I see. So I think accomodation remains the hurdle but the salary should cover that I would have thought.. or the commute.

Hi avital,

I am 29 and also seriously considering moving to Luxembourg too :D

Just waiting for a confirmation from my futur employer (I cross my fingers).

Yes, salaries are (very) high especially in the financial sector (banks, insurance companies...) but also for computer professionals like me :cool:

On the other hand renting a studio or an appartment costs a lot of money (like in Paris), but if you are single like me a studio is preffered to save money the first year in Luxembourg.

Here is the reference site for prices :

Since Luxembourg is very small, you can live outside of the center (Diekirch, Wiltz...) without losing a lot of money in transportation :D

Cheers :P


I am not living in Luxembourg but what is the best way of finding a job in Luxembourg while currently not being in the country?
I know it's possible to also conduct interviews over Skype.
I am a software developer (.NET)?
Is it important to know French?
I can work legally as I have a European passport.



I hope I can answer some of your questions (I've been living in Luxembourg for over 10 years and have dual nationality.)

*Salaries - I would be extremely cautious when it comes to figures giving annual salaries in Luxembourg. The vast majority of people who work in Luxembourg do not actually live here... so it means that  statistics regarding salaries arent entirely representative.The average salary (considering the higher salaries paid in the financial sector) is something around 2,800 -3,000 euro per month.

* Rent - The average rent in Luxembourg City is 900 euros for a one bedroom apartment and you usually have to make a commitment for a minimum of 3 years. For "newbies" the best bet is to rent a room till you get the feel for the place and decide you like it. I did this initially and found it was a great way to make friends.

* Languages - The "official" languages are Luxembourgish, French and German. However over the last 5 years or so English has increased in its popularity and influence. Having said that, if you need something done i.e - taking your car for a service, getting internet connected, it's best to speak one of the "official" languages:)

* What's it like to live here? - Well "clearly" I am biased on this, otherwise I wouldn't still be here! But if your looking for a country where most things are close by, You can eat at a different restaurant everyday of the week and crime is low....Luxembourg could be for you! On the downside, culturally it's not Paris, London or Berlin and you may find you have to put in a bit more "ground work" finding things to do.....But you WILL reap the rewards.


thanks alimac. This is great to know. We are moving to Luxembourg in the middle of Summer. I am trying to search for some answers. In terms of rentals do you know what they really require other than the deposits of course? Do you need to show proof of contract/employment? As an independent could you sign a rental?

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