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Can you tell us what you mean by 'office job in Namibia'?

Or, I may suggest you the Namibia Classifieds > Job section, it may helps.


i am going to reach Namibia this month last in tourist visa.  I want to get a Office job in Namibia, meanse to live and work in Namibia. I am looking for a office job. I got a 3 years experience in Dubai in the same field. So pls guide me to the same. Thank u.  My e-mail - siv_namaha[at]

Dear Shiv123,
Welcome to Namibia. However, you cannot work on a tourist visa. If you are planning on staying in the country for some time I would strongly suggest you apply for a work visa as soon as you get here.

Secondly, depending on what kind of office work you do, then you can check the newspapers. There are many jobs advertised, however, remember that we have 51% unemployment here. The government does not want jobs that Namibians can do being given to foreigners and it would not be fair on them anyway. It would have to be a particular expertise that a local cannot fulfill.

Nonetheless, don't be discouraged. For everyone else reading this post, please consider coming in as entrepreneurs, to create jobs rather than take up jobs.

I hope this is useful and I wish you the very best. Feel free to contact me directly if you feel I might be of further help.

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Dear Zenani,
             Thanks for the information. I am reaching Namibia on 4th of July. Hope i can contact u when i reach there.  My aim is that i want to get a work visa so that i can work and live in Namibia. If u don't mind pls give me ur mob no. so that i can contact you immediately when i reach there. I don't have any friends or relatives there.  So pls guide me. Thank u. God bless u

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